conference agile in automotive
Agile Automotive Conference

Agile Automotive Conference

Congress for agile system development in automotive electronics

The Agile Automotive Conference has been well established as the leading congress about agile development processes, methods and practices within the automotive electronics industry. Together with the well-known congress organiser Euroforum, Kugler Maag Cie has designed this conference and runs the contentual conduction.

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Agile Automotive Conference 2017

  • November 15th – 16th, 2017
  • Stuttgart, Germany
  • Venue language: English

Review: Agile Automotive Conference 2016

Agile Automotive Practice: 2016’s Agile Automotive Conferecence focus was

  • Scaling of agile methods from team to development organisations and
  • the cooperation of OEMs with their Tiers in developing electronic systems in an agile envirnoment.

SCRUM: Disrupting the Automotive Industry

With Joe Justice, Vice President of Hardware at, a further top-class speaker performed at the Agile Automotive 2016. Justice explained the audience how agile development methods can also advance the development performance in the hardware development. The nominated TEDx speaker demonstrated with his WikiSpeed project how eXtreme Manufacturing brings an ambitious automotive projects on streets within a few weeks.

Presentations and practical insights from: Audi, BMW, Bosch, Continental, Daimler, Elektrobit, Ford, and Volkswagen.


  • Agility in a System of Systems Environment: Hans-Georg Frischkorn, Strategy Consultant, together with Bonifaz Maag, Kugler Maag Cie
  • Multi-level Learning as an Enabler of Agile Organisational Change: Dr. Martin Hurich, Bosch
  • It's about people - Balanceability is the new Agile: Alexander Much, Elektrobit
  • Change denied … and Now?: Curd-Michael Braun, Volkswagen together with Alexander Rauscher, EFS Consulting
  • Case Study: Implementation of Visual Management with KANBAN in Daimler Truck Powertrain: Klaus-Jürgen Schatka, Daimler Trucks, together with Lothar Prause, CO-Improve
  • Delivering Value with Collaborating Teams: Arnold Rudorfer, Siemens, together with Dr. Ulrich Bodenhausen and Dr. Christof Ebert, Vector Consulting
  • Concept of SAM - Structured Agility Management: Andrejs Teuss, Audi, together with Jakob Schmidt-Colinet and Florian Seeler, Processwerk
  • Complexity of Project Management in the Digital Age: Michael Marx and Dr. Thorsten Henninger, Volkswagen
  • The Agile Corporation – from isolated Agile Projects to an Agile Organisation: Dr. Michael Jantzer, Bosch
  • How Agile Powers Ford's Product Development: Laurence Hatfield, Ford
  • Continuous Integration - Walk the talk: Christian Kramer and Andrea Ketzer, Continental
  • Achievements and Lessons Learned introducing large scale agile development: Robert Dietze and Stefan Wunder, AVL
  • Implementation of Agility in the Powertrain ECU Development together with a Supplier: Simon Andreadis and Jörg Zimmer, Daimler
  • Agility - Lessons Learned: Joachim Schmidt, BMW
  • Agile Architecture Adventure - Process against Agility?: Martin Stamm, Continental
  • Agile Automotive Framework - A Value Proposition: Horst Hientz, Kugler Maag Cie
Improvement Concepts
Fig.: The training on practical competences within interactive workshops is an important module of the Agile in Automotive 2016 Conference.


Again this year were workshops and tutorials scheduled as well as for beginners as advanced users of agile development processes and methods. 

  • Agility and Automotive SPICE v3.0: Volkswagen together with Markus Müller, Kugler Maag Cie
  • Applied SAFe 4.0 and Automotive Compliance in Action – A Client Experience: Stefan Küffer, Pedco
  • Agile Process Framework for Projects in the Safety Critical Field: Hans Tschürtz and Christophe Schmiedinger, Vienna Institute for Safety and Systems Engineering together with Boris Gloger Consulting
  • Agile Automotive Framework: Frank Sazama and Frank Besemer, Kugler Maag Cie
  • Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery. A State-of-practice Workshop. Bosch, BMW, Continetal & Co.: Marek Trilinsky and Christophe Debou, Kugler Maag Cie

The Advisory Panel

  • Dr. Michael Jantzer, Bosch
  • Simon Fürst, BMW
  • Andrea Ketzer, Continental
  • Hans-Jürgen Kugler, Kugler Maag Cie,
  • Hans-Georg Frischkorn, Strategy Consultent
  • Dr. Thorsten Henninger, Volkswagen
Improvement Concepts
Improvement Concepts