Security Crash Course

Security crash course

Introduction to cyber and information security

Concepts, methods, standards and guidelines
Networked systems—from vehicle electronics to the IT infrastructures of manufacturers and service providers—are increasingly becoming the focus of threats and attacks from cyberspace. This training will provide a basic understanding of potential threats. Standards will then be presented and discussed that can be used to counter these risks on a technical level and at company level.

The aim of the intensive training is to develop an understanding of the wide range of threats — from potential attacks on your company and your employees via the IT infrastructure, to vehicle electronics. This will enable you to determine which areas of your company are likely to be under threat. You will also gain an overview of the security methods that you can use to tackle the various threat scenarios. With reference to recognised standards, you will learn how to develop and implement these protection concepts.

Security Crash Course overview

  • Introduction to terminology, definitions and concepts
  • Cyber security and IT security
  • Relevant standards (ISA/IEC 62443, ISO 21434, J3061, CC 15408, OWASP, SAMM, C-Cert, ITIL, ISO 27k, BSI)
  • Role, function and responsibility of a security instructor
  • Data protection issues in Germany and the EU (NIST 800-53, J3061, EU-DSGVO, FIPPS)
  • Functional security: differentiation and methodological comparison to overcome security problems
  • Fundamentals of IT management
  • Risk management methods based on a case study

Expect a full day and a wealth of information.

Target audience for the Security Crash Course

Managers and decision makers who:

  • Need a thorough insight into threat scenarios and mitigation strategies.
  • Will be responsible for security tasks in the future.