Quality counts. Be prepared

Time to market depends on quality straightaway: At the start of production, there is no more room for error correction. To assure product quality, carmakers insist on reliable R&D procedures according Automotive SPICE®. Don't be surprised if the carmaker comes by for an assessment.

Within Automotive SPICE Assessments, your abiltiy to deliver development capabilities and processes are evaluated through intensive interviews and documentation reviews. The outcomes are documented and compared to the regulations given by the Automotive SPICE® model to assign a process maturity scoring and provide you with recommendations how to improve your process-oriented organization.

Assessments reduce risks

Numerous automobile manufacturers assess their suppliers to judge and mitigate risks. As a supplier, you've to confirm that your processes comply to the Automotive SPICE requirements in relevant areas. The assessment checks whether your fulfil agreed maturity level. It also examines strengths and weaknesses and makes recommendations regarding potential improvements. Assessments are only recognised by the automotive industry if they have been carried out by acknowleged specialists. The Kugler Maag Cie experts are well-trusted in the field of automotive electronics developmenent. 

Don't let the formal OEM assessor

detect the capability gap

when you can improve now.

Getting started.

Our set of tutorials videos on Automotive SPICE® key processes prepares you for the next assessment. 

We support you with ...

  • Preparing yourself for formal OEM assessments
    within your key processes in development.
  • Reducing your risk to get in troubles
    with your delivery. 
  • Analyzing gaps
    between your expectations and business reality.
  • Systematically improving
    existing workflows and methods.
  • Fulfilling the requirements of Automotive SPICE®
    in harmony with Cybercecurity and Functional Safety.
  • Training your people
    with awareness, knowlegde and skills.
We're here for you

Need support with a key project? We’re your first port of call when it comes to management consulting and improvement programmes in electronics development.

Steffen Herrmann and the sales team

Kugler Maag Cie is

Automotive SPICE® made easy.


Over 100 corporate customers on four continents bank on our experience.

Automotive SPICE®? We’re the experts!


We currently have 48 intacs™-certified assessors. These include ten instructors on Provisional and Competent Level.

Automotive SPICE®? We’re the experts!

200+ YEARS

Benefit from over 200 people-years of cumulative project experience, often involving improvement programmes lasting several years.

Automotive SPICE®? We’re the experts!


We have now trained more than 1000 assessors according to intacs™ guidelines.

Automotive SPICE®? We’re the experts!


We have written multiple editions of »Automotive SPICE® in Practice«, already an industry classic.

Automotive SPICE®? We’re the experts!


We have conducted over 200 assessments since 2007, on both a project and an organisational level. That is equivalent to 10,000 assessment-hours.

Automotive SPICE®? We’re the experts!

SINCE 2005

As a peer reviewer, we have been continually involved in the process of designing standards since 2005. We also co-authored plug-ins for mechanical engineering and hardware engineering with intacs™.

Automotive SPICE®? We’re the experts!

Expertise counts ...

... when it comes to Automotive SPICE®.