Management Consulting


Holistic management consulting for the businesses of tomorrow

The new challenges faced in electronics development
Collaborating with new players in the complex value creation network, pinpointing innovations in the right place at the right time, coordinating and synchronizing development cycles effectively – modern business calls for development departments with the right agility and the right specialists who want to make things happen. This is where our holistic consulting technique comes in – from electronic strategies to new change management methods and front-line project delivery.

Today’s market environment is plagued by disruption; change is a given. Things are becoming so complex and fast-moving that tried and tested techniques have stopped working. As a result, development organizations have to be adaptable and remain adaptable to think ahead of emerging market trends. 

This is where it helps to have agile development concepts, techniques that use systematic feedback loops to merge project insights from inside the organization with know-how from the outside. Such iterative methods are based on short cycles followed by feedback. This makes it possible to formalize constructive dialogue within your company, at all levels of the hierarchy, even extending to include clients. As your business develops its ability to learn and adapt, it lays foundations for an agile organization

Comprehensive strategic expertise:

  • Market entry strategies: We know and understand client needs, as well as market requirements. This allows us to successfully and credibly position your company in the market.
  • Establishing new R&D centers: planning to develop products directly in the target market in the future? We pull together requirements at the new location and coordinate implementation.
  • We carefully plan and organize your development process in keeping with agile principles – at every stage of the delivery chain. Based on an approach called the orchestrated product development process (oPDP), suppliers are systematically synchronized, thus lowering complexity.
  • The performance excellence incubator (PEI) ensures that strategic initiatives are anchored securely within the organization and people actively subscribe to them.
  • Long product life cycles, a whole host of development partners – is there anything we can learn from open source principles to manage complexity more competently? We can advise you on making the most of open source and open proof concepts to enhance the stability and predictability of your projects.