Process Improvement


Integrating concepts for sustainable process enhancements

Product innovation is not just down to luck. It is the result of a sophisticated, carefully coordinated product development process. By building in repeated feedback loops, the process can be continuously adapted and enhanced. This allows your company to slash development times and gear the organization to continually changing market conditions.

Adding value – more quickly 

Product development has to meet new technological and regulatory requirements in increasingly shortening cycles – with respect to customers and markets as a whole. Improving the process of electronic systems development is a highly complex challenge. This is because improvements not only have to meet financial expectations, they also have to adhere to industry standards such as Automotive SPICE® or functional safety.

To ensure changes have a positive impact on the performance of the organization, it is important to minimize development times. This keeps the products in your portfolio up to speed with markets – allowing you to earn more money more quickly. 

Reduce complexity, improve agility

A shortage of resources in modern business is making it crucial to find innovative ways of working in product development, for example, by distributing development, by integrating new partners into the value creation network, or by introducing open source methods. The way to meet the challenge is to run lean and adaptable processes.

To do this, we integrate lean concepts with agile methods and work practices:

  • Automotive Scrum
  • Kanban
  • Lean management
  • Six Sigma

The focus throughout lies on the process of value creation, today and tomorrow. To stay up to date in a disruptive business environment, it is crucial to remain adaptable and gear systems to continually changing market requirements. The iterative nature of development methods means that there have to be continuous feedback loops. By learning systematically and methodically, the business can focus its attention on remaining an agile organization. 

Integrating industry standards

We also help you successfully integrate industry standards into your business processes, as well as tried and tested methods to safeguard process maturity or functional safety:

To ensure improvements remain effective in the long term, we design each process to include continual feedback loops. This prevents red tape and bureaucratic gridlock from slowing you down. Your company remains agile and can immediately channel recent project insights and market requirements into new projects.

Apart from providing holistic management consulting services to enable you to plan process improvements, if required, we can also take care of implementation for you – our engineering services range from the provision of a project management office to coaching in all areas of the organization.