Automotive Ready all the way – Kugler Maag Cie supports Green Hills Software since 2016

Green Hills Software, based in Santa Barbara, California, defines itself as a leading vendor of functional safety and cybersecurity in the field of embedded software, particularly because of the company's dominant position in Real Time Operating Systems. Experts from Kugler Maag Cie have been intensively supporting Green Hills for several years on its path into the automotive market and ensure that the process landscape of Green Hills meets industry requirements.

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Green Hill Software's automotive industry platform provides scalable runtime environments with embedded multicore virtualization. Secure gateways with ASIL D real-time operating system and hypervisors allow the connected vehicle to communicate securely with its system environment. Certifications and tested development environments promise Green Hills Software customers security and faster turnaround times for product development.

Green Hills Software comes with a unique expertise and agile mind-set from industries that are regulated differently than the automotive sector. For automotive requirements, Kugler Maag Cie's challenge for Green Hills was to create an integrated development lifecycle with the associated structure. This is to support the growing business and respond to varying market requirements. In doing so, the integrated process landscape combines the requirements of

Process maturity according to Automotive SPICE®

Functional Safety (ISO 26262) and

Cybersecurity (ISO 21434 according to UNECE R.155).

The Green Hills agile mind-set, which we are familiar with from our consulting work on the U.S. West Coast, must be preserved when processes are formalized.

Four-stage approach

Each of the four project stages was accompanied by regular audits and assessments so that success could be measured and readjusted if necessary. The findings from these inspections were directly incorporated into the implementation or the next project phase.




Santa Barbara CA




Consumer electronics


Medical devices


1. Elaborate core life cycle

based on

  • agile principles
  • Automotive SPICE®

2. Integrate legacy processes

  • Functional safety
  • Test and release management

3. Include cyber security

  • Integration into the life cycle baseline
  • Implementation of organizational structures

4. Train and coach users

Training and coaching of teams and key roles

  • Quality assurance
  • Cyber security managers
  • Functional safety experts

Backed by Kugler Maag Cie, Green Hills Software has succeeded in transforming our existing processes into a single, adaptable product lifecycle. We are expanding this integrated lifecycle consistently to meet new requirements.

Tim Reed Sr. VP of Advanced Products, Green Hills Software


By taking a step-by-step approach, the experts at Kugler Maag Cie succeeded in developing a lifecycle that is as holistic as it is adaptable, thereby building on the agile mindset. This supports a wide range of different project types and thus the ambitious growth of Green Hills Software.

Green Hills now efficiently handles projects of all sizes from both manufacturers and suppliers with a single product lifecycle. A set of processes allows for project-specific adaptations. The organizational structure is adapted to the process-oriented organization. The life cycle together with the set of processes is continuously improved.

The Green Hills teams are aware that non-functional requirements from current and new standards are also crucial for the success of their projects. The fact that this is not just a rhetorical phrase is clearly demonstrated in appraisals, where the teams prove that they are able to meet the standards in all projects and in some cases even exceed them.

We're here for you

Need support with a key project? We’re your first port of call when it comes to management consulting and improvement programmes in electronics development.

Steffen Herrmann and the sales team

Ready to face the future

With its scalable and integrated product life cycle, Green Hills Software can adapt to the demanding project requirements of clients at any time. GHS is also prepared for new requirements and standards. This is because the life cycle is modular and can be expanded as needed. 

More about the integrated product life cycle

With our consulting expertise, we have also been on the US West Coast since 2014, where we advise renowned vendors such as NVIDIA or AMD alongside with Green Hills Software. With our three locations, the Kugler Maag Cie Group connects well established automotive hubs in the Mo'Towns with the bustling software forges of Silicon Valley as well as with the Silicon Wadi of Israel or the up-and-coming Southeast Asian hotspots.