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    Consulting never becomes boring. I get to work on challenging tasks every day. Because every project and every customer is unique. I enjoy moving things forward for our customers, with colleagues who share a sense of commitment.

    Michael Thomas Managing Consultant

  • Beginnen Sie Ihre Karriere bei Kuglermaag.

    I help our customers translate their ideas into practice. It’s always satisfying to hear a customer – almost with relief – tell us that finally, things are moving forward.

    Horst Hientz Principal und Partner



For us, people still come first

Everything revolves around people – a concept that for us, always works in two directions. So this applies just as much to our customers as to our colleagues in consulting. We support our clients in product development by helping them move forward with new solutions as intended and implement their ideas as desired. Our role is to input with our creative thinking and thus allow customers to unleash their own creative potential and apply it to the solutions of tomorrow.

For us, people still come first

To do full justice to this aim and aspiration, our work at Kugler Maag is also about being partners of equals. We see ourselves as like-minded people who are on the same wavelength, people who want to enjoy helping customers and taking on the task at hand. Together, we have an amazing treasure-trove of knowledge, shared in the minds of many. But we are also prepared to share this know-how with others, because only by joining forces can we support each other and our customers. This also creates a unique working environment for us. We all have what it takes to become an expert in a specific field. At the same time, by working together we also move forward together – thanks to the diversity of challenges we face, the many different client projects we work on and the different backgrounds and personal views within the teams, which are also mixed teams.

Achieving more together

We want to keep up the momentum of this approach to working together by finding more people to come and work with us.

Fig.: The Competence Compass ­– with us, you get to play to your strengths.

Welcome to our team. As you’ll see, we’re a mixed bunch.

We are looking for someone like you to work for us as a consultant.


What it’s actually like working at Kugler Maag Cie

When you work at Kugler Maag, you’re quickly given responsibility and room to make things happen. This applies just as much to your development on a personal level as it does to the development of the company and its clients. You can expect to work on a diversity of tasks and projects for leading customers, as well as a number of progressive projects involving electronic development. Depending on requirements, we may talk to you about assignments abroad. You can usually decide for yourself how to organise tasks, with an emphasis on working at the place of business of the client.

You will find that our teams are open-minded in terms of outlook and come from a variety of different professional and personal backgrounds. We live diversity, allowing us to merge and marry different outlooks and develop unexpected solutions. Our colourful team spans the entire spectrum in terms of age, we have male and female colleagues from three continents and we draw on a powerful abundance of expertise from a large number of sectors of industry and specialist fields.

Personal development is tremendously important to us, and we always do everything we can to support you. To ensure that knowledge and know-how are shared, we have set up internal communities of practice. This is our way of sharing and discussing experiences and working through acquired knowledge together. We also support your development through staff training and continuing professional development and provide comprehensive mentoring and coaching options. If you’re interested in sharing your knowledge, for example through conference papers, white papers or other publications, we also have the tools for you to make this happen.