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Your career at Kugler Maag Cie: allow us to play to your strengths.

Our number one priority is our people. We consciously consider not just which solutions we develop, or how they fare in terms of economic viability, but also how we develop these solutions. This allows our customers to focus all of their creative capabilities on the solutions of tomorrow.


We are currently looking for consultants in the following fields:

We are continuing to grow and are looking for dedicated experts for our ambitious improvement projects. With your expertise in electronic development, you will support our international customers in the automotive industry to restructure and reposition themselves.

We rely on strenghtes. Do you?

Whether as analyst, inspirator, coach or initiator – you will completely rely on your own strengths to control large-scale improvement projects effectively. You will give our customers the necessary impulses and structures to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of distributed development projects for electronic systems.

Your challenges

  • As a consultant or adviser, you will lead improvement projects independently or in a team. In this way, you will assist our customers to structure their work effectively and pass on to them your experience and expertise. 
  • Regarding the development of organizations in the context of digitization, you know how to trigger change in established companies and how to accompany the necessary culture change.
  • In addition to the definition of processes, your tasks will comprise gap analyses, evaluations of process efficiency, coaching, and the running of training courses and workshops.
  • In large, multi-location projects, you will contribute as a member of an international team.

Your profile as a Management Consultant

  • To promote the customer in a sustainable way, you have a repertoire of tried and tested methods. You are the right person for us if you do not simply apply methods and standards according to the book. Instead, you pay attention to what our customers need to resolve their problems.
  • You can successfully solve complex project tasks. Your personality and your expertise equip you with the necessary skills and competencies. You have already been able to prove this in projects, in particular in the context of the development of electronic systems.
  • With your entrepreneurial thinking, you identify opportunities and provide the impetus for further developments at our customers and Kugler Maag Cie. alike. Your strong communication skills allow you to speak on a par with development managers and decision makers. Ideally, you have experience in the use of agile innovation and development methods such as Design Thinking, Lean Start-Up, Scrum, Kanban, or Continuous Integration.  Experience in change projects regarding automotive-electronics development will be of benefit, for example, in conjunction with industry standards such as Automotive SPICE® and Functional Safety.
  • You show commitment and assertiveness. For international project work, we expect good knowledge of English.

Your benefits

With us, you quickly take over responsibility and you will be able to achieve much - regarding your own personal development as well as that of Kugler Maag Cie and our customers alike.

We offer you varied tasks at renowned customers and in advanced electronics development projects. International assignments are possible by arrangement. You work mainly at the customer.

At Kugler Maag Cie, an open team is waiting for you with colleagues of different professional and private backgrounds. Embracing diversity helps us combine different perspectives and develop unconventional solutions. Our diverse team comprises the entire age spectrum and colleagues from three continents, as well as the concentrated expertise in a wide variety of industries and specialist fields.

Personal development is important to us. For this, you have our consistent support. To pass on knowledge, we organize ourselves internally in Communities of Practice. Here you can exchange experiences and jointly develop new expertise. In addition, we encourage you in your continuing training activities and support you with mentoring and coaching. If you want to share your knowledge through publications - conference papers, white papers or publications -we offer you a suitable platform.

Automotive goes agile – want to join us on the journey?

The automotive industry has increasingly turned its attention toward flexibility and agility in development in recent years. But to take methods such as Kanban or Scrum, which are well known in other areas, and apply them to major international projects, even in embedded systems, requires a detailed understanding of a wide variety of key factors. And this is where we come in. 

A leading consulting specialist in the field of agile automotive software development, we are currently recruiting new staff. 

What you will be responsible for 

Your job will be to consult our clients – leading suppliers or OEMs – on the introduction and application of agile methods and practices. Your responsibilities will include providing customers with support on the full range of issues, typical in development departments, from the selection of appropriate methods to the planning of customized solutions and the coaching of development teams involved in product introductions.

As a member of international teams, you will be involved in major projects spanning several locations.

What we would like you to bring on board

As a member of our agile team, ideally, you will already have gained significant experience in product development in the automotive industry. You are familiar with the ins and outs of front-line projects and have an understanding of the approaches most likely to succeed in any given situation. 

You have had previous exposure to the implementation of agile methods and practices, especially Scrum or Kanban. You may even already be qualified as a Scrum Master or Coach. You know instantly the kind of support a business partner requires to be successful in their work.

Also, because we know that introducing agile methods is not just about techniques and tools, but also very much about bringing about a change in company culture and adopting an agile mindset, experience in this area would also be advantageous.

Another of your strengths is an inquisitive mind and an interest in concepts such as lean techniques, team work, and thinking in terms of design. You are open to new ideas such as agile solutions and the theory of constraints and are prepared to acquire the necessary know-how.

As you will be working on international projects, a good command of English would be advantageous. Qualifications such as training as a Scrum Master or Product Owner would also be of benefit.

We are systematically expanding our activities in the field of Functional Safety. As a result, we are currently looking to strengthen our FS team (automotive and off-road) by recruiting a Consultant in Functional Safety.

What you will be responsible for 

  • You will play an active part in consulting our customers as part of a variety of projects. The emphasis will lie on control devices.

What we would like you to bring on board

You have detailed experience working in hardware development.

  • You have preferably worked successfully with control devices and have actively been involved in the development or integration of embedded systems, for example, in the automotive industry
  • Apart from your interest in systems, you are also interested in process-related issues, for example, investigating how control devices can be developed effectively and efficiently

Ideally, you have already gained initial experience implementing safety standards such as ISO 26262 (automotive). We will support you closely by providing training to bolster your understanding of functional safety and Automotive SPICE®.

You have ideas that make a difference to others

No two projects are the same. And no two customers face exactly the same challenges, but they do come to you for support – help that makes a real difference, quick help, but lasting help. As a Kugler Maag Cie consultant in process improvement, you will primarily work on change projects with clients in the automotive sector (electronics development). It will be your job to help them keep one step ahead of the competition. 

The challenge

As a consultant, your role will be to support clients in designing and developing specific processes, sharing your know-how and your previous experience with them. 

Aside from defining processes, it will also be your job to assess the current situation (stocktaking), evaluate process efficiency, coach people, and run training courses and workshops.

As a member of international teams, you will be involved in major projects spanning several locations.

What we would like you to bring on board

To make a difference to customers in the long term, you can draw on a repertoire of methods you have tried and tested in business. It is important to us that you don’t just apply methods and standards “by the book,” but that you do what is best to help the customer solve their problem. 

You know how to make complex projects a success and your personality and know-how provide you with the necessary hard and soft skills to achieve this. You have already established a successful track record with projects, especially in the development of electronic systems.

Ideally, you have previous experience working on change management projects, possibly in combination with typical industry standards such as Automotive SPICE® or functional safety.

Commitment and drive come as second nature to you. Since you will be working on international projects, we would expect you to have good command of English. 

Kugler Maag Cie Kollegen

What you will gain from working with us

You will soon be given responsibility and will be allowed to make things happen. Our projects offer an immense amount of variety working with leading clients. With your agreement, international assignments are also a possibility. Your focus will be working on-site with clients. 

We believe it is important for people to develop personally, so we will provide you with plenty of professional support. To promote knowledge-sharing, we have set up internal communities of practice. This is an ideal opportunity to hear about other people’s experiences and develop new know-how with others. We will also support you with continuing professional development. 

If you would like to share your knowledge by publishing an article, speaking at a conference, writing a white paper or any other kind of publication, we will ensure you receive the support you need.

What do you need to do next?

Interested in shaping the future with us? If you are, then we look forward to getting to know you. Simply get in touch or email us your full application.

Once we have received and reviewed your application, we will get back to you as soon as possible. As starting dates always depend on specific circumstances, we can talk about that when we meet.