Elektronikentwicklung Verbesserung
Agile Development


Scaling R&D projects based on SAFe

Agility in the automotive industry – this is where your creativity comes in. What more exciting environment to work in, with a number of challenges including an entire market undergoing change, companies structured as corporations, distributed development and regulations that are unique to the specific sector of industry. Our Agile in Automotive concept allows us to help companies scale the agility of their automotive electronics – from agile teams to entire business units.

About Us
Fig.: The Agile in Automotive concept spans six dimensions: Customer Focus, Workflow, Organisational Structure, People, Product Development, and Standards and Regulations.

Agile@Scale awaits you. Our teams of coaching experts work directly on site with customers, helping leading automotive brands and their suppliers with transformation programmes in key areas of development. Transformation takes place in close collaboration with our Management Consulting experts.

This involves a diversity of tasks, from analysing information to developing new concepts and offering user training. As an agile coach, you will add to our project teams by playing to your personality and individual strengths as a consultant, companion and instructor.

The things you can’t wait to work on

  • Your expertise will be of immediate relevance to agile programmes and will be translated into practical support for our customers. You will provide important support to development units working on ambitious technology – from software to other fields of mechatronics.
  • You will coordinate projects and agree the way forward in implementing projects with clients.
  • You will provide our customers with important pointers, drawing on a knowledge of different methods to translate new tasks and approaches into everyday projects.
  • You will also work with a variety of experienced colleagues and relish the prospect of exchanging ideas with other members of our interdisciplinary project teams.

React proactively. Interview with an Agile Coach.

Marion Siegl coaches teams how to suceed with agile methods and practices.

In this interview you get first-hand insights about the start of her consulting career.


The things you already offer

  • Agile principles and methods come as second nature to you. In fact they are so familiar to you that you immediately know how to apply your knowledge to the specific context of automotive electronics. You have a wealth of experience with the everyday ins and outs of projects, so you know which approaches are most likely to succeed in any given situation.
  • Agile scaling is something you know well from the previous projects you have worked on. Ideally, you were involved in an in-house or external transformation programme, for example a project involving SAFe on a team or programme level – or LeSS, DAD or Nexus.
  • It would also be ideal if you have experience in electronics development. One thing you are familiar with is adapting to industry requirements, especially to methods such as Automotive SPICE® and the safety standard ISO 26262.
  • You understand the challenges faced by customers and know how to adjust to different positions and roles. By drawing on your wealth of experience, you quickly sense where your counterparts and discussion partners are coming from and readily build bridges.
  • You enjoy international assignments and see different cultures as an enrichment to your experience.


About Us

Look behind the scenes of our application process.

Timo Wölper is your contact person during your application at Kugler Maag Cie.

Timo Wölper provides you with first-hand insights on our application process. Our recruiting responsible tells you what you can expect from us and how you can impress us. 


Why working at Kugler Maag Cie is different

  • We entrust you with challenging tasks and hand you full responsibility. We do this because we trust you and want to ensure that you grow with each task you work on and develop as a person.
  • You know how to work entirely independently – you always have the support of your colleagues if you need it. We never leave a question unanswered. 
  • We’re a mixed team and are always open and honest. For us, your way of looking at things is an enrichment that adds something to the overall picture. Our people have very different characters and they have acquired skills in a variety of areas, which all helps when you’re developing sustainable solutions together. 
  • We provide you with close support when it comes to training, expanding your knowledge of functional safety, Automotive SPICE® and agile development.
  • We have set up internal communities of practice. This is our way of sharing and discussing experiences in all kinds of projects, so we can acquire and build knowledge together.
  • To allow you to reflect on your progress, you will be provided with an experienced mentor. 
  • We make decisions quickly and keep things simple.
  • You can earn a strong reputation working for us – we provide you with a framework for submitting conference papers, writing white papers and publishing other works.
  • Sound like your kind of company? Is this you we’re talking about? If it is, we look forward to meeting you in person.