Elektronikentwicklung Verbesserung
Functional Safety

Functional Safety Consultant

Road vehicles, functional safety (ISO 26262)

The ISO 26262 automotive safety standard outlines how safety-critical systems should be developed in keeping with the latest technology. The aim is to avoid allowing people to come to harm due to malfunctions in the vehicle electronics. This is a multifaceted field and we are looking for specialists to provide consulting services in a variety of areas.

Ever since the introduction of ISO standard 26262, we have been leading experts in the market. In addition to our involvement in consulting, we also contribute expertise through our work on specialist committees and commissions. Some of our colleagues have distinguished themselves as authors of specialist publications. For example, we wrote the first standard work on using ISO 26262. As a partner to the technical inspectorate TÜV Rheinland, we regularly train people as Functional Safety Engineers (TÜV Rheinland).

Your role as a consultant will involve providing support to R&D departments working on the development of safety-related systems. A variety of system components overlap in this area, from control units to sensors, actuators and bus systems. Hardware and software are developed into entire systems. So to understand systems in their entirety, we pull together know-how and skills from a variety of angles. And this is where you will have something to contribute due to your experience and background.

Functional Safety in Automotive electronic systems? Meet the experts!

The things you will work on

  • You will play an active role in supporting customers in their automotive projects. This will involve working directly on site with developers and engineers.
  • For example, you will input with the know-how they require to match their safety management systems to requirements, acting as a safety manager, moderating teams, conducting safety tests (FMEA, FTA, FMEDA), selecting safety mechanisms to match the safety concept, or developing content as proof of safety. 
  • Once you have a strong track record in functional safety, you will share your know-how in user workshops or by carrying out safety assessments.
  • You will often be involved in other tasks or fulfil different roles during projects. This will allow you to demonstrate your technical knowledge and play to your strong soft skills. Sometimes you will act as a consultant, sometimes as a process developer, a moderator or a coach. 
  • You won’t need to look at functional safety in isolation, you will take a broader view and consider the overall project. For example, you will also think about the kinds of requirements that are important for the process improvement model Automotive SPICE®

The things you already offer

  • You have a strong track record in one of the key fields pertinent to this role, such as software or hardware development. Ideally, you can already point to previous successes in the field of control units and have played a role in developing or introducing embedded systems, perhaps in the automotive sector.
  • Ideally, you received a university education.
  • Your understanding of technical issues drives you to see products from the inside out and check all kinds of safety factors. 
  • When it comes to processes, you can’t help but be curious – you want to understand in what way a control unit is actually safe, effective or efficient in terms of how it was developed.
  • Ideally, you have previous experience with the introduction of safety standards such as ISO 26262.
  • You enjoy working in an international environment and are prepared to work on client projects in Germany, the rest of Europe and occasionally much further overseas.
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Why working at Kugler Maag Cie is different

  • We entrust you with challenging tasks and hand you full responsibility. We do this because we trust you and want to ensure that you grow with each task you work on and develop as a person.
  • You know how to work entirely independently – you always have the support of your colleagues if you need it. We never leave a question unanswered. 
  • We’re a mixed team and are always open and honest. For us, your way of looking at things is an enrichment that adds something to the overall picture. Our people have very different characters and they have acquired skills in a variety of areas, which all helps when you’re developing sustainable solutions together. 
  • We provide you with close support when it comes to training, expanding your knowledge of functional safety, Automotive SPICE® and agile development.
  • We have set up internal communities of practice. This is our way of sharing and discussing experiences in all kinds of projects, so we can acquire and build knowledge together.
  • To allow you to reflect on your progress, you will be provided with an experienced mentor. 
  • We make decisions quickly and keep things simple.
  • You can earn a strong reputation working for us – we provide you with a framework for submitting conference papers, writing white papers and publishing other works.
  • Sound like your kind of company? Is this you we’re talking about? If it is, we look forward to meeting you in person.