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This is our recruiting process.

Interview with Timo Wölper, responsible for recruiting at Kugler Maag Cie

Thinking about taking a leap into consulting? In a recent interview, Timo Wölper took us through the application process at Kugler Maag Cie. Wölper – who studied business administration and loves fishing in his spare time – explains how Kugler Maag Cie handles applications and what awaits you at the consulting firm. 

Automotive development consulting
Fig.: Timo Wölper guides you through your application journey.

Hello Mr Wölper. There seem to be as many consulting firms as stars in the sky at the moment. What sets Kugler Maag Cie apart and why would I apply to work there?

Because we really are different from other consulting firms. We believe that excellence begins with enjoying what you do. And at Kugler Maag Cie, the human factor is the key – the way colleagues treat each other. Everyone agrees that we are miles ahead of other companies in this respect.

Look at the striking 'up-or-out' philosophy at the large strategy consulting firms – the constant pressure to prove you’re better: at our company, we’re better because we work together. Each and every employee develops here in their profession, but at their own pace, and we enjoy learning from each other. Here, anyone who wants to take on more responsibility has every opportunity to do so. Anyone who feels comfortable in a certain job can just do it. When it comes to career development and learning new things – at Kugler Maag Cie, it’s you who determines how that happens.

You say that working at Kugler Maag Cie is different. What’s that like on a day-to-day basis?

For us, consulting usually means being close to the customer. We mean that literally: most of the time, we work on site with the customer. And each of our colleagues gets things done in their own way. No-one tells them how to meet objectives. But despite this autonomy, we also ask for advice or assistance when we need it. 

I’ve never worked as a consultant, would it make sense applying to Kugler Maag Cie?

Let’s be honest – nobody was born a consultant. But if you’ve worked client-side, you know business and the pitfalls. It’s this knowledge that contributes to the quality of our consultancy. We then provide you with the support you need and help you learn to look at things through the eyes of a consultant.  

Are there any qualifications that are an absolute must to work at Kugler Maag Cie? Do I have to have automotive expertise?

Our consultants come from a variety of backgrounds – we even have astrophysicists and nuclear physicists. One of our consultants comes from adult education – she’d never had anything to do with electronics development. But she’s passionate about agile methods and team development. That was a good starting point for us – after all, we’re trying to help our customers get ahead. We also have lots of consultants with project experience, so we can offer a unique mixture of competences.

What does it come down to in the end – expertise or personality?

Personality, without a doubt. We have to know we can rely on each other. Otherwise we can’t work together. Also, consultants have to be excellent communicators, good at breaking down complex issues and presenting them in a way that people can understand them, and they have to be good at arguing things even if they sometimes meet with resistance.

Is there a down side to working as a consultant at Kugler Maag Cie? 

When I talk to prospective employees, there’s one aspect I can’t emphasise enough: being close to the customer means being willing and able to travel a lot. It’s the only way to get the job done. And your projects won’t always be close to home.

But we wouldn’t be who we are if we hadn’t found a way to make it work. Of course we spend nights in hotels – a maximum of three nights a week. But as a rule, each and every one of us spends Friday and the weekend at home with our families. So no-one has to move or turn their back on their family.

Let’s talk about the recruiting process. What’s the best way to apply? Should I be more old-school and send a CV, or is it a case of carpe diem and I call you?

Both ways are completely fine. Calling shows confidence. Or maybe you just want to check whether it makes sense to apply in the first place. But at the end of the day, we’ll need all the usual documentation so we can form a picture of you before moving on to an interview.

Let’s imagine I’ve sent you an application – what happens next? 

We take a thorough look at everything you’ve sent us and I get in touch with you within a few days. If we think you’re a good fit with Kugler Maag Cie, we start a three-step interviewing process.

The first step is a phone call. We try to arrange this as soon as possible. The main point of this conversation is for you to find out more about us. What’s the working environment really like? What are you letting yourself in for? I also want to know more about your aims and expectations. We might not even be able to offer what you’re looking for.

Then we move on to a second interview, which is face to face. The point of this bit is to get to know you better – personally and professionally. What abilities and skills do you possess that will let you hit the ground running here? This conversation is about as close as it gets to a classic job interview.

The third step involves meeting management. In this conversation we talk about the contract and make sure both sides are certain we’re on the same wavelength.

One last question – how do you actually pronounce Kugler Maag Cie?

We often get that question. I guess it’s only normal because the pronunciation isn’t exactly obvious. The right way to say it is Kugler Maag and Company. The idea of the name is to express that all of us working together – as a company – is what makes our firm what it is.