Integrated Approach


So your organization is innovative – and stays that way

Innovation where it matters, from target setting to implementation
Innovative solutions are an important and intrinsic part of your business model. But to be successful and remain successful, how you develop your solutions is just as important. In our role as a consulting company, we help you stay a step ahead of the competition – through innovation, where and when it matters most. 

On the front line of business, it’s all about success

Business success stems from smart ideas and a strategy that’s uniquely right. But what’s the use of a captivating concept if it can’t be properly implemented? Drawing on our principle of vertical integration, we ensure effective answers are unveiled at every level of the business. This is to ensure that everything’s in place to add value as an organization. Not just now, but in the long term. Why? Because we don’t believe in rigid process models. Instead, our aim is to enable the organization to learn and remain agile, thanks to carefully orchestrated feedback loops that empower your company to proactively gear itself toward any kind of change in the market.

From A – Z: vertically integrated transformation

  • Holistic management consulting: so you can fine-tune your position in the market, we help you with everything from fundamental decision-making to final implementation – whether you’re launching a new product or setting up a new R&D center.
  • Sustainable process improvements: product development has to meet new technological and regulatory requirements in increasingly shortening cycles, not just with respect to customers but also regarding the markets overall. This is why one of our aims is to improve processes and systems so that company know-how is accessible to all key players.
  • Front line project support: we can also assume front-line responsibility for the implementation of our consulting concepts – for example as a coach or trainer, or by providing a project management office.

Always up to date: the agile organization

Customer requirements are just as much subject to continual change as the market. Every project your company is involved in results in new know-how. But does everyone in your company have access to this treasure trove of experience? To maintain the edge, this knowledge needs to be made available to your whole organization so it can have a direct impact on working practices and the future development of products.

By introducing systematic feedback loops, we set up your processes so that projects can be implemented flexibly, drawing directly on insights gained from other projects as a support in decision-making – not just in management but also in development. 

Better service for satisfied customers

Continuously improved services, with a continuously smaller price tag, within continuously shorter timeframes – a major challenge faced by many modern businesses. The solution: a model for optimizing the processes used in services – one that integrates IT just as much as standards, from initial planning to final delivery.

More demanding customer requirements, shifts in quality expectations, and increasingly scarce resources for actually delivering services. These are all developments that are forcing companies to think outside the box. As a result, more and more companies are turning to alternative methods – long since tried and tested in production – and are applying them to services.

Methods of systematic process enhancement:

  • Lean management
  • Kanban techniques
  • CMMI® for Services 
  • IT service management

Empowering your services to create more value

We help you realign available resources to the processes and procedures that make a tangible contribution to value creation. Whether this involves lean management, CMMI® for Services, or IT service management, each technique works in a different way to optimize your business processes and improve your services. This not only ensures that you have more resources at your disposal to actually fulfill customer requirements as effectively as possible, you can also offer services to more customers within the same timeframe, even with the same investment.

Sustainable improvements in services

Our consultants determine which method makes the most sense for your company. This could be on a standalone basis or in combination with others. Whichever approach is adopted, the result is always tighter cost control and enhanced transparency. We help you to foster a service mentality in your organization and standardize processes and systems. Not only does this work wonders for staff satisfaction, the number of satisfied customers also grows.