Performance Excellence Incubator


Performance Excellence Incubator – focusing on the implementation of strategic initiatives

The performance excellence incubator (PEI) makes it possible to coordinate projects throughout the company from one central location, typically at head office. The PEI provides a direct point of contact for senior management, providing key support with the implementation of strategic initiatives. In its role as a moderator, the PEI ensures that accepted routines are put in place in different departments based on uniform data and information. The PEI works alongside each department, acting as a coach. Where necessary, it provides its own resources for temporary support with individual projects.

With the PEI, your strategic projects are implemented successfully. It pools experiences for systematic reference on future projects, giving the organization a way to develop and refine a carefully managed toolkit, which can be applied to existing structures and business challenges.

Financial project monitoring and reporting systems are put in place to help board  members and key departments steer strategic projects successfully. As experience is gathered with each project, an effective array of methods can be developed step by step, with immediate relevance for future projects.

The performance excellence incubator

  • helps managers focus on the sustainable implementation of corporate strategies
  • challenges existing structures and adapts them to changed business conditions
  • pinpoints and exploits synergies
  • helps staff and clients derive more satisfaction from their work
  • strikes a happy balance between financial viability and quality
  • provides live projects with systematic support and key resources

Possible project scope 

  • Analysis of potential (cost/benefit)
  • Project selection and definition (strategic prioritization)
  • Project preparation and communication
  • Project delivery and financial controls (incl. coaching and interim management)
  • Coordination of internal and external providers (e.g., IT)
  • Training and knowledge sharing