Project Management
Project Management Office (PMO)


Business excellence and performance through professional project management

To achieve business goals, it’s important to maintain a clear overview. With the right project management in place, you can keep business structures transparent, keep management focused on the horizon, maintain strict discipline in project planning, and carefully pursue project goals. In a nutshell: We ensure your company follows the principles of efficient, carefully thought-through project management.

We structure and map your project management process as realistically as possible to match your individual requirements. Step by step, every detail of implementation is followed through. To do this, we use recognized project management methods based on PMI and GPM, but also agile approaches such as Scrum. The result for you is reliable data and information on your projects with an exact overview of project progress, status, and threats. This makes it possible to plan project delivery times, costs, and quality much more precisely. 

Our project management services include

  • Needs assessment, examining your guidelines, business structures, processes, and methods – plus how you plan, monitor, and steer projects
  • Individual development of a concept for your project management system
  • Implementation of the project management systems, underpinned by training
  • Continuous monitoring and improvement of your project management systems to safeguard long-term success
  • The setting up of a project management office (PMSC – project management service center)
  • Front-line project management – a manager to run the project or support your project management team

Projects on the road to success

Working alongside key decision-makers, we help you determine aims and the scope of support we should provide. At this point it is important for us to understand your business and its structures and to gain transparency. This allows us to pinpoint effective solution scenarios, identify possible project risks early, and keep these under control. Even if your requirements as a customer change, we can adapt to different circumstances at any time.

Driver of success: the project management office

The project management office (PMO) assumes responsibility for central project control throughout the whole organization. It acts as the first port of call for senior management, providing key support in the implementation of the chosen strategy in each area. In its role as a moderator and partner to your business, the PMO ensures that the project process is acceptable to all parties and that key players draw on uniform data and information. 

To support project team members in each area, we act as a coach, providing temporary support on individual projects through our own resources where necessary. Financial project monitoring and reporting systems are put in place to help board members and key departments steer strategic projects successfully. As experience is gathered with each project, an effective array of methods can be developed step by step, and these methods are immediately applicable to other areas.