Quality Management


Shorter development cycles by enhancing quality management

Quality can be challenging: From the customers’ point of view, you only add value if they get what they need. Not achieving quality expectations is out of the question. Yet raising the quality bar too high fuels costs and can push back delivery times – and this also spells a reduction in value for the customer. That’s why we establish a close link between professional quality management and a strict regard for customer value. 

Quality management often faces a variety of very different demands. Sometimes adhering to customer standards is the top priority. Sometimes it’s about identifying quality risks early on. Companies supplying products also want to avoid recalls later down the line and adhering to budgets is important. 

By introducing quality management (QM) instruments based on appropriate agile methods you can add value in exactly the areas the customers need you to. Focusing closely on customer value keeps you from wasting time and resources unnecessarily, with a significant and positive impact on market introduction deadlines. We help you put in place and formalize the right tools of quality management within a matter of only months.

The customer dictates the source of added value

Agile quality management revolves around customer benefits. By drawing on analytical methods such as business model canvassing, all factors influencing the nature of added value remain transparent and it even becomes possible to identify unarticulated needs. Iterative development methods revolving around systematic feedback loops allow management, sales, and anyone else involved in the project to share the same knowledge. By continually monitoring progress, it becomes possible to estimate final product quality realistically and avoid unnecessary work. 

Value-based QM adheres to the requirements of 

These methods position your company to achieve the required process maturity levels. 

Our quality management experts provide your team members with specialist support and practical, hands-on help with the implementation of QM and the operation of individual processes. To achieve this, we adapt QM to the actual situation in your company, putting the necessary processes and organizational structures in place. We also train and coach key players to ensure that knowledge and insights into processes become part and parcel of everyday practice.