Requirements Management


Keeping requirements management flexible helps organize projects more professionally

To ensure projects are implemented systematically and professionally, it is important to maintain a constant overview of current requirements. Introducing a methodical requirements management system allows you to hold a comprehensive list of requirements pertinent to your project. We can help you set up a management system to provide development with a transparent and reliable foundation of information to reflect each and every change in project requirements. 

For a requirements management system to provide reliable information, it should evaluate and map any impacts on products, schedules, costs, or existing requirements. Drawing on these aspects, members of the project team can then set priorities, finalize plans, and manage progress.

Our focus with requirements management lies in issues such as:

  • Which requirements are already known and what are they were based on?
  • Who is involved in which requirements?
  • What progress has already been made in fulfilling certain requirements?
  • What progress has been made in the planning of open project requirements? 

Sustainable requirements management for sustained project success

By using the right methods within the shortest period of time, your company will be in a position to systematically integrate requirements management into key projects and formalize this instrument as standard practice. This allows project team members, managers, and customers to see where progress has been made at any time, as well as the degree to which requirements have been met and possible adjustments. 

We would be pleased to advise and support you with the integration of systematic requirements management in your projects.