Improvement Concepts
IT Service Management

The basis for optimal business processes

From IT to service delivery

That's challenging: Your corporation wants you to implement a couple of new processes. But don't disturbe existing, well working processes. Now it's time for a systematic IT Service Management. This helps you to increase service quality, transparency, and efficiency–compliant to your policies.

ITIL and CMMI® are established reference models for facilitating a more efficient IT service management. The challenge is not to destroy well-functioning processes in the company while simultaneously embedding new process components. With a well-planned IT service management you will achieve greater service quality, transparency, and efficiency – and ensure IT compliance.

We will support you in adapting the ITIL specifications for ideal processes to your company. For we know in which processes we need to instigate change, and we can ensure an effective implementation given our many years of experience. We can answer important questions regarding IT service management, e.g.: In which order are these processes to be redesigned? How is the roll-out in the entire company to be realized?

Better processes and compliance thanks to IT service management

Depending on economic necessity, professional service management can be followed by a CMMI® for Services or an ISO 20000 certification. Another service would be the integration of the improved processes with existing reference models such as CMMI® or COBIT. Our process design will also ensure IT compliance. With this your IT service management processes will meet compliance requirements like ISO 27000, SOX or Solvency II.

Starting point for IT service management is the specific situation and culture of your company. Together we will reflect and check the defined goals before we implement them with efficient means on all levels. This allows processes to be accepted and complied with internally, and the new process knowledge to be established.