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Wednesday, 17. June 2015
Scaling Possibilities in Agile Automotive Software-Development Projects

Joint Presentation by Jörg Fischer, Robert Bosch GmbH, and Frank Sazama, Kugler Maag Cie, at the Scrum days in Stuttgart.

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Thursday, 05. March 2015
SQIL: Kugler Maag Cie supports VW suppliers with Software Quality

Kugler Maag Cie supports Automotive suppliers of VW in complying with high quality standards: As a Software Quality Improvement Leader (SQIL) we are helping to improve the software expertise in the supply chain.

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Tuesday, 17. February 2015
Accelerating Delivery, Mastering Complexity

Agile Development for Automotive Embedded Software. Special Event in Greater Detroit

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Wednesday, 14. January 2015
Kugler Maag Cie funds Square One Education Network

KUGLER MAAG CIE North America Inc. supports Square One's educational effort continously.

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Tuesday, 21. October 2014
KUGLER MAAG CIE North America Inc. at the SAE Convergence 2014

Meet the leading process experts of KUGLER MAAG CIE North America Inc. in Detroit at SAE's annual convention.

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Monday, 25. August 2014
Gate4SPICE: Mapping of Agile Elements on Automotive SPICE PAs and BPs

Conform to Automotive SPICE - and agile as well? This Gate4SPICE is intended to develop implementation approaches to combine scrum and kanban in an Automotive SPICE related environement.

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Thursday, 03. July 2014
Peter Abowd is the new chairman of the Embedded Software Standards Committee

SAE International has Peter Abowd elected as the new Chairman of the Embedded Software Standards Committee.

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