Using agile practices in compliance with Automotive SPICE®

Agile principles, methods and practices enable efficient processes rather than adherence to rigid rules and bureaucracy – and comply with Automotive SPICE®. This course shows how you can help make development more efficient in the automotive industry.

The training course introduces you into the project environment in which agile development processes, methods and practices are appropriate to meet your project targets. You'll also learn more about the typical business problems to be addressed by an agile approach. 

The course starts with a market overview: You'll learn which agile processes, methods and practices the automotive industry currently applies to electronics development.

The training Automotive SPICE© goes Agile 

  • identifys relevant agile methods and practices and
  • examines to what extent these approaches supports the requirements of Automotive SPICE®.

We'll provide you with details of selected Automotive SPICE® processes – from the process areas of SW engineering via management to supporting functions.  There we'll demonstrate how the outcomes of these functions are supported by agile methods and practices.

However, using agile methods and practices alone is not enough to meet all the requirements of Automotive SPICE®. That's why we present additional agile practices. With these practices you can fully achieve the required outcomes. We'll illustrate this approach with practical examples from real case projects. The course group will agree on topics of interest where to focus most.

We'll also present a case study to you how a leading automotive company has restructured its development processes using agile principles. We'll also provide you with practical solution patterns for agile implementation. 

Main topics of the training Automotive SPICE© & Agile

  • Overview of agility and agile processes, methods, principles and practices in Automotive electronics
  • Automotive SPICE® at a glance
  • How do I use agile methods in conformance with the Automotive SPICE® requirements?
  • Self check: Am I agile enough for Automotive SPICE®

Detailed Focus: SW engineering processes, supporting processes, and project management

  • How Agile supports Automotive SPICE® 
  • What practices are required additionally? 
  • Special features for the different processes
  • Practical implementation examples
  • incl. excercises and discussions to deepen the knowlegde

What needs to be considered when preparing and planning an assessment?

During this course we will closely look at selected development processes, methods and practices from the entire range of agile approaches. In addition to Scrum and Kanban, we consider also the use of Continuous Integration, Test Driven Development and Xtreme Programming.

Course details

  • Duration: 1 day
  • From 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • The number of participants is limited to approx. 12


Target group of the course

Working in the electronics development of a car manufacturer or supplier, you are in the middle of the action: As

  • Project Manager
  • Team or Department Manager
  • Responsible expert for process improvement or quality assurance

you must be able to react flexibly to changing requirements and continue to meet Automotive SPICE®.

Participation requirements

You are familiar with the basics of Automotive SPICE®. In addition, you have theoretical knowledge about different agile development methods and practices, such as Scrum, Kanban, Continuous Integration or Test Driven Development. Now you are interested to learn how you can purposefully use these agile approaches in your project.

scrum & kanban in automotive

Training Add on Agile

In addition to the comprehensive training material you'll get the Agile in Automotive Pocket Guide. This booklet contains all the information you need to know about such agile development methods as scrum and kanban in Automotive.

Knowledge – straight from the experts

Our course instructors are recognized experts in their field. Our know-how speaks for itself: The course directors at Kugler Maag Cie have already trained many trainers themselves, who now also offer their own courses – but if you come to us, you turn directly to the original source of the knowledge.

Our training approach has been ingeniously pulled together to cover 

  • method skills, developed over years by our instructors, who also write books on these topics
  • a treasure trove of expertise, gained through our involvement in industry bodies
  • the very latest insights from our work as consultants

Our experience with international projects in a variety of industry sectors enables our instructors to directly answer any questions you may have. 

Learning in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere

We look forward to welcoming you to one of our courses. To make sure you can focus on the content of the course, we ensure that your stay is as pleasant as possible. All food and drinks are included, from snacks during breaks to lunch. 

On courses lasting several days, we would also like to invite you out for the evening. This is a good chance to compare notes with other course participants and forge friendships. 


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Title: Automotive SPICE goes agile
Term: 03.11.-03.11.2020
Location: Greater Stuttgart
Language: EN
Price: 700 EUR p.P.*

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