Product Owner

How to be a great Product Owner

Oftentimes Underrated – the Importance of the Product Owner

A Scrum team can contribute to product optimization successfully if the market requirements are known.  This is an essential task for your role as a Product Owner – imparting the customer view. This training gives you insights how to improve your Scrum team's performance meticulously.


The Scrum Guide assigns the Product Owner with a key position. It is your main priority to optimize the product value and the development team’s performance. With this intensive training we provide you with the necessary methods and tool to achieve this objective.

The training is designed as a dialogue with the participants. To provide and improve in-depth knowledge many hands-on exercises and simulation games/examples are integrated. The prime focus of the training, combined with working in small groups provides you with the right setting to reflect intensively on the key position as Product Owner and testing different methods of the daily business. With this kit you are able to empower development teams to contribute added value.


Goal of the Training

  • Deeper understanding of your role of a Product Owner
  • Imparting of practice-oriented knowledge and methods

Key Topics of the Product Owner Training

Role Definition and Tasks of a Product Owner

  • Responsibility and perception of the role
  • Contribution to business success
  • Measurement of success (KPIs, metrics)
  • The Product Owner role at scaling Scrum

Methodological Competences for Product Owners

  • Stakeholder Management
  • Practice-oriented writing of User Stories
  • Story Mapping
  • Working with Epics in requirements management
  • Product Backlog management in the project’s daily business
  • Generate features
  • Preparation and execution of Scrum ceremonies, especially the Backlog refinement session
  • Dealing with technical debts

Solution-Driven Cooperation and Communication

  • Cooperation with customers and users with the necessary change of perspectives
  • Collaboration with the Scrum Masters and the development teams
  • Provision of effective communication between development and market

R&D Concepts in Dynamic Markets 

  • Principles of Lean Startup
  • Minimum Viable Products
  • Minimum Marketable Products

Target Group of the Training Great Product Owner

You as a Product Owner and have gained a minimum of 3 months experience of working in this role.

Training Details

  • Duration: 2 days
  • usually from 9 to ca. 17 h
  • The course takes place at your office premises
  • For intensive discussion as well as the practice-oriented exercises, a group size of maximum 12 participants is recommended.