Automotive SPICE Training


Individual workshops

The courses for Automotive SPICE® experts last several days and look into the details of the techniques and approaches used by the Automotive SPICE® model to safeguard and support business processes, to put in place engineering processes that add value, and to steer management processes.

You will get to know Automotive SPICE in more detail by looking at practical examples, and we welcome examples you have experienced yourself! During the course, we discuss the problems that can be encountered with assessments and how to improve processes accordingly. 

Automotive SPICE® expert training contents

  • The Automotive SPICE® process assessment model (PAM)
  • How assessments work
  • Preparing for an assessment
  • The Automotive SPICE® processes in more detail
  • Interpretation Levels 1-3, the outlook for Level 4

Individual Automotive SPICE® training for experts

  1. Automotive SPICE® - Supporting Processes: 2 days
  2. Automotive SPICE® - Engineering Processes: 3 days
  3. Automotive SPICE® - Management Processes: 2 days

Each course looks at the different application areas for Automotive SPICE®, examining potential improvements in the processes.

The number of participants is limited to approx. 12. The courses are targeted at developers, test engineers, project managers and other people involved in development projects in the automotive industry.