Schulung Funktionale Sicherheit
Functional Safety Week


Functional Safety in 5 Days – training modules

To implement safety-critical systems according to ISO standard 26262, different departments have to collaborate carefully, even if each area needs to focus on different factors and look at things from their own perspective. During the Functional Safety Week, we examine the individual aspects in detail. Each day of the week is broken down into an individual module, which can also be booked separately.

The first two days are recommended for people new to the topic of functional safety. Days 3 to 5 cover specific aspects in more detail, looking at the individual stages of product development.

Automotive Functional Safety Week: modules

  1. An overview of functional safety setting up and working with ISO standard 26262 and fundamental requirements; typical task allocation between suppliers and key players; impacts of ISO standard 26262 on your area of responsibility; risks that may arise with product liability
  2. Management of functional safety organizing a department or project to ensure product development fulfills functional safety requirements; the specific requirements laid down under ISO standard 26262 for managers and management tasks; typical solutions for management; the role of a safety manager; risks with product liability
  3. Concept development and product development on a systems level analysis of hazards and risks according to ISO 26262; derivation of safety goals and requirements; requirements of different safety models and approaches; monitoring the implementation of such safety requirements
  4. Hardware development for safety-related systems requirements under Section 5 of ISO 26262 relating to hardware development; calculation of hardware architecture metrics; hardware failure rates; estimating when safety mechanisms are sufficient; monitoring the implementation of hardware safety requirements 
  5. Software development for safety-related systems requirements under Section 6 of ISO 26262 relating to software development; tasks for each stage of software development, for each ASIL; monitoring the implementation of such safety requirements

You can book all modules as an individual in-house course, either on its own or as an overall package. We can run courses at any time at your place of business, in German or English. We can also submit a proposal for tailor-made training.