Funktionale Sicherheit ISO 26262 Einführungskrus
Introduction Functional Safety


Introductory course

The ISO standard 26262 provides an internationally recognized reference for the development of electronic components and systems with a bearing on automotive safety. OEMs and suppliers must be able to prove to customers and regulatory authorities that electronic systems are safe and reliable – and that they fulfill the functions as required, despite growing complexity and the specialized nature of software.  

This course provides a systematic introduction to ISO 26262 and its practical application. If you were previously only partially knowledgeable about functional safety, ISO 26262, or maturity level models, this course will give you the complete overview you need to carry out your work in keeping with standard requirements and industry practice.

Course objectives

  • Familiarization with the ISO standard 26262 and understanding why it is important
  • Understanding how people should approach given tasks at different levels of the organization and in different project areas – especially to manage product liability risks
  • Understanding the tasks and responsibilities of safety managers 
  • Understanding the different stages of the safety life cycle, including key tasks and work products 
  • Planning, managing, and monitoring tasks 
  • How to design processes to adhere to ISO 26262 requirements and the relevant reference model (Automotive SPICE®) 
  • An overview of architecture requirements under ISO 26262, especially relating to systems, hardware, and software development
  • Collaboration with customers and suppliers in order to manage functional safety effectively 
  • How to prepare for a functional safety assessment

Introductory training, Day 1 

  • An overview of ISO 26262; the life cycle, stages, work products, connection with Automotive SPICE® and CMMI®
  • Management of functional safety; safety plans, distributed development, safety validation, functional safety assessment
  • The concept development phase; hazard and risk analysis, automotive safety integrity levels (ASIL), safety goals, safety concepts
  • Functional safety after production release
  • Supporting processes
  • Trusting software tools

Introductory training, Day 2 

  • Requirements relating to specifications, design, implementation, integration and testing, especially with respect to systems, hardware, and software
  • Safety assessment
  • Methods for avoiding systematic errors, and recognizing and managing random hardware defects
  • Validation of software and hardware components

Target audience for the introduction to functional safety

Managers and engineers at all levels involved in or responsible for the development of automotive electronics and software systems with a bearing on safety: team leaders, project managers, safety managers, developers, coordinators, and quality managers in development or purchasing at automotive companies or suppliers; anyone who needs a systematic understanding of ISO 26262, perhaps in order to adjust processes within their company. 

Training details

  • 2 days
  • Approx. 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Number of participants: approx. 12


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Title: Introduction into Functional Safety (Automotive - ISO 26262)
Term: 05.10.-06.10.2020
Location: Greater Stuttgart
Language: EN
Price: 1.300 EUR p.P.*

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Title: Introduction into Functional Safety (Automotive - ISO 26262)
Term: 25.10.-26.10.2020
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Language: EN
Price: 1.300 EUR p.P.*

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