Quality Assurance Workshop

Quality Assurance Workshop

How to put quality into practice

This workshop is a series of lectures, interspersed with discussion, and exercises designed to kick-start a Quality Assurance program and accelerate the implementation of Quality Assurance within a program. 

The workshop is structured is to provide quality concepts AND put them into motion.  

  • People will leave with progress having been made towards achievement of the Automotive SPICE® Quality Assurance practices.
  • There will be clear plans put into motion  about what has to happen next and by who.
  • Understanding of concepts will reduce confusion and increase excitement.
  • Concepts and actions are grounded in
    a) First and foremost, helping accelerate progress in projects because quality done right is an accelerator, and 
    b) compliance to Automotive SPICE®, ISO 26262, etc..

Agenda Quality Assurance workshop:

  • Why focus on Quality
  • What is quality
  • What is and isn't QA
  • Automotive SPICE® requirements
  • Quality goals—why, how to help define, a start towards quality goals for their project
  • QA staffing requirements, recommendations
  • Why independence and how to achieve
  • QA activities 
    a) Planinng—why, how, start a plan for the project they are on
    b) Audits—why, how, define a process, conduct an audit 
    c) Checklists—why, how to develop, actual development of a checklist 
    d) Reporting—why, how 
    e) Escalations and waivers—why, how, define a process 
    f) Quality analysis—how, why, determination of what will be included in their analysis
  • Implementation strategies
  • Relationship to process improvement
  • QA of QA
  • QA isn't just audits
  • Summary