conference agile in automotive
Agile Automotive Conference

Agile Automotive Conference

Congress for agile system development in automotive electronics

The Agile Automotive Conference has been well established as the leading congress about agile development processes, methods and practices within the automotive electronics industry. Together with the well-known congress organiser Euroforum, Kugler Maag Cie has designed this conference and runs the contentual conduction.

Do you remember: "One more thing" makes sometimes the difference. This is the same in agile transformation programs - agile@scale frameworks and agile team management methods are just the road bed for an agile transformation. Driving Agile is different. Culture makes this difference. 

This is why the 5th Agile Automotive Conference will provide you with practical insights how to drive your agile transformation efforts sustainable across your entire corporation. You will get first-hand insights from decision makers and practitioners and learn from their real-life experiences both from car makers and suppliers.

Agile Automotive Conference 2019: key facts

  • Wednesday 25 – Thursday 26 September 2019
  • Hilton Hotel in Frankfurt/M., Germany
  • organized by Euroforum
  • English

Program of the 5th Agile Automotive Conference 2019

  • BizDevOps: From Business Idea to Consumer Product on a Weekly Basis?
    Prof. Brian Fitzgerald, Lero – the Irish Software Research, University of Limerick
  • Speed in the Transformation for Speed in the Development
    Maria Hansson and Anna Sandberg, Volvo Cars
    Starting from scratch, going beyond agile in the pursuit for speed and innovation – a case study from the autonomous driving space
    Dennis Nobelius, Zenuity
  • Agile as a way of life
    Andrea Ketzer, Continental AG
  • Agile Culture from Pure Agile to Automotive Agile
    Ran Littaney, Harmann International
  • The Agile Transition Blueprint? Not asking the “Why”?
    Philipp Diebold, Bagilstein GmbH and Daniel Hess, IAV GmbH
  • Failures of agile transformation @ MAN
    Daniel Dorsch, MAN Truck and Bus
  • Nexus framework deployment lessons learned
    Mariusz Bajan, Kugler Maag Cie and Jakub Rosiak, Harman International
  • From Startup to Corporate: shaping strategy, mindset and processes through agile principles
    Jens Heyder and Frank Wippich, gestigon GmbH – a Valeo Brand
  • Multi Stage CI – the agile engine for product development
    Robert Martin, BMW Car IT GmbH
  • New collaboration approaches in a changing business – results of the VDA WG AGILE Collaboration!
    Frank Kirschke-Biller, Ford-Werke GmbH and Stefan Weber, Continental Automotive GmbH
  • Agile Decision Making (Workshop)
    Bernhard Bockelbrink, Evolving Collaboration
  • The story mapping game – a method for agile teams (Workshop)
    Tino Buder, msg Systems and Marius Seebach, msg DAVID
  • Sourcing Space Labs was easy contracting. Developing the Star Wars Hyperdrive is quite different! – Agreements for agile partnerships #agile #smart law (Workshop)
    Kristian Bockert, JURIBO Legal & Consulting

Registration to the Conference Agile Automotive 2019

Further information regarding program and registration you receive directly at Euroforum.
Mr Volker Alternbeck will be pleased to answer your further questions.

Insights into Agile Automotive Conference 2018

Agility on a company level takes more than agile project management and an agile repertoire of methods. Standalone approaches involving individual agile teams or projects lack the necessary weight to set things in motion. As a result, many manufacturers and suppliers are edging closer and closer to introducing agility on all levels and synchronising activities across all areas. We call this agile@scale.

The 4th Agile Automotive Conference will allow everyone involved in the front-line activities of electric/electronic (E/E) development to share their experiences with different scaling models.

Agile Automotive Conference 2018: key facts

  • Wednesday 14 – Thursday 15 November 2018
  • Hotel Dormero in Stuttgart, Germany
  • English

This fourth Agile Automotive Conference will once again be organised with the support of Euroforum. Please contact Euroform directly to register for the event. 

As in the past, this specialist conference will be moderated by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans-Christian Reuss of the professorial chair of vehicle mechatronics at Stuttgart University.

It’s not enough to be agile as a company, because manufacturers work together closely with suppliers. agile@scale in the automotive industry therefore has to go beyond scaling up existing setups. Agility takes an approach based on coordination and mutual agreement. To address this issue, the VDA has set up a task force called the Agile Collaboration Working Group. The aim is for industry representatives to explore different ways to introduce agile principles to the different sectors within the industry. For example, one issue that will be looked at will be new approaches to contractual arrangements.

Representatives of the VDA working group will provide insights into the work they have carried out until now and present a selection of key insights.

Conference highlights

The 4th Agile Automotive Conference is an ideal chance to assess the status quo and examine how far industry players have come in becoming agile organisations, as well as the obstacles they still need to overcome in everyday projects. A number of talks and workshops will be organised to look at: 

  • agile collaboration
  • agile@scale 
  • agility in mechatronic systems
  • agile organisational structures
  • people working in agile structures

Participation and registration for Agile Automotive 2018

The event organizer Euroforum provides you with all relevantinformation about the program and your registration. Don't hesitate to call Mr Volker Altenbeck: at Euroforum
+49 (0)2 11.96 86 -38 45

Witness agility live

The conference will use the stimulating situation to discuss issues together and exchange experiences. To facilitate this, interactive methods will be used: 

  • Business speed dating
    Innovation is often fuelled by overlaps and interfaces. By networking, you can get to know other conference delegates and pick up new ideas for your projects.
  • Live voting
    You will have the opportunity to give the presenters your own feedback and influence the topics that will be looked at during the conference.
  • Hands-on platform construction
    The LEGO Serious Play method will be used to allow you to learn from this approach to business model development and witness how you can deal with problems through play.
  • The Soccer World Cup is over, or maybe not…
    A table football tournament will be held in the evening to promote team-building and networking.
Improvement Concepts
Improvement Concepts