CMMI® – Capability Maturity Model Integration

The capability maturity model CMMI® describes the proven approach (“best practices”) used by successful companies. In particular market leaders from various industries have achieved decisive improvements with CMMI®. It helps companies to improve their processes and workflows, e.g. to reduce problems, to become more efficient, or to improve quality. But the CMMI model also serves as a benchmark to assess other companies (e.g. suppliers), whether their work is state-of-the-art, and whether they are able to deliver good results on time.

CMMI for Development – Improving processes in  Development

Unclear, incomplete requirements? A suboptimal product design? Time-consuming changes at the last minute? Unsystematic, badly documented tests? - Many factors have to be considered to achieve smooth processes and workflows in development. With CMMI for Development we guarantee an improvement of your processes: all the way from the requirements specification to the acceptance test.

CMMI for Development
Fig.: Dimensions of CMMI for Development

CMMI for Development addresses organizations in all industries which develop products or services. We can support you in ensuring that all will run smoothly in your development. This means: time and cost-optimized processes and high-quality products or services. 

With CMMI for Development we can support you in the following areas

  • Requirements development (Requirements Development)
  • Development of products or services (Technical Solution, Product Integration)
  • Verification and validation (Verification & Validation)
  • Supplier management (Supplier Agreement Management)

With CMMI for Development we are introducing a systematic approach to development. We thereby consider areas of activities such as requirements management, design, implementation and test, but also supporting activities like project management, supplier management, quality assurance, configuration management, risk management and much more.

CMMI for Development – better with us

We can offer you appraisals and trainings as well as the actual implementation of CMMI for Development. Many years of experience and know-how identify us as CMMI experts. We will be happy to advise you on the extensive possibilities of applying CMMI for Development. 

CMMI for Acquisition – Acquisition made Easy

Companies outsourcing services or managing suppliers on a larger scale are familiar with these problems: incomplete requirements, inadequate acceptance tests, imprecise supplier agreements, and unsatisfactory supplier management. To avoid such situations from the outset, we will optimize your acquisition processes with CMMI for Acquisition.

CMMI for Acquisition covers the complete cooperation lifecycle between customer and supplier: from the planning and tendering of the service to its acceptance and delivery. Using CMMI for Acquisition we aim to systematically bring about successful cooperation, and to identify mistakes long before acceptance.

CMMI for Acquisition
Fig.: Purchase process with CMMI for Acquisition

With CMMI for Acquisition we can support you in the following areas

  • Requirements management (Acquisition Requirements Development)
  • Supplier acquisition, selection, and contract conclusion (Solicitation & Supplier Agreement Development)
  • Managing and monitoring the agreement(s) (Agreement Management)
  • Tracking work progress on technical level (Acquisition Technical Management)
  • Verification and validation of supplier results (Verification & Validation)

CMMI for Acquisition – better with us

We will be happy to help you with appraisals, with trainings or with the actual implementation of CMMI for Acquisition in your company. Our CMMI experts will give you competent and comprehensive advice on all issues to do with improving the acquisition processes in your company.

CMMI for Services – Services at a high level

Do you know this: endless waiting loops, odysseys between contacts, massive loss of service? The result: dissatisfaction among all involved. With CMMI for Services and us at your side this would not have happened.

CMMI for Services
Fig.: CMMI for Services

We offer you best practices to increase quality and customer satisfaction in the services sector. CMMI for Services can be applied to all forms of services, e.g. services in insurance companies, banks, call centers, in the health care system or in IT. In particular in IT CMMI for Services closely follows ITIL where language and concepts are concerned. This offers good synergistic effects in form of a common methodology for IT development and IT operation as well as an improved transfer interface.

With CMMI for Services we can support you in the following areas

  • Service Delivery
  • Service System Transition
  • Incident Resolution and Prevention
  • Capacity and Availability Management
  • Service Continuity
  • Strategic Service Management
  • Services System Development

CMMI for Services – better with us

For implementations we rely on the approved methods and processes of CMMI for Services and ITIL Version 3, if appropriate, as well as on the expertise of our consultants. This way we achieve the highest efficiency - whether in the context of appraisals, training courses or by advising on your projects on-site. You can rely on us.