CMMI® v2.0 – Capability Maturity Model Integration

Market leaders have enhanced their efficiency or quality in different sectors of industry using CMMI® 2.0. The maturity model describes the tried-and-trusted approaches of these successful companies. We improve your processes in development, procurement and service delivery.

CMMI® has proven itself in complex development projects involving fields such as aviation and the everyday business of insurance. CMMI® is suited to the introduction of agile methods because it makes it possible to combine the advantages of process maturity with adaptability.

Companies can use CMMI® to improve their processes and achieve objectives such as reducing risk, becoming more efficient or improving quality.

The CMMI® model covers the following areas

  • Procurement (CMMI® for Acquisition)
  • Development (CMMI® for Development)
  • Service provision (CMMI® for Services)

We will be happy to help you assess the capabilities of your processes in the areas of development and service provision. We can also help you improve these areas within the context of business objectives. The aim is to gain the upper hand in projects when it comes to quality issues, missed deadlines and overspending. It is also important to take charge when it comes to efficient working practices. We leverage the advantages of the CMMI® maturity model to establish a foundation upon which to methodically support your company in developing products and delivering services.

CMMI for Development – process improvements in development

Vague or incomplete requirements? Suboptimal product design? Complicated modifications at the last minute? Unsystematic or poorly documented testing? So many different factors have to be taken into account for the processes of development to run smoothly. Using CMMI for Development allows us to ensure you improve processes, from the moment you specify requirements to the final handover/release test.

CMMI for Development is targeted at organisations in all sectors of industry that develop products or services. We help you ensure everything runs smoothly in development. In other words: we ensure that your processes are optimised in terms of scheduling and costs – and that your products or services meet high standards.

  • We support you in applying the principles of CMMI for Development in the following areas: 
  • Systematic development of a schedule of requirements 
  • End-to-end methods in the development and testing of products and services
  • Uniform process management in agile and classic organisations

Using CMMI for Development allows us to add structure to the development process. We take a variety of factors into account, from the actual area of activity such as managing requirements, design, implementation and testing, to underlying activities such as project management, supplier management, quality assurance, configuration management, risk management and much more.

CMMI 2.0
Fig.: The overlaps between different capability areas in CMMI 2.0

CMMI® for Services: taking services to a higher level

Too much time waiting for things to happen, wild goose chases between different contacts, serious service shortfalls – sound familiar? When things get this bad, everyone feels unhappy. With CMMI for Services on board and us supporting your organisation, things wouldn’t have got this bad in the first place.

We offer you access to tried-and-tested methods that raise quality and customer satisfaction in service provision. CMMI for Services can be applied to all kinds of services in areas such as insurance, financial institutions, call centres, health care provision and IT.

In the latter area of IT, CMMI for Services has strong overlaps with ITIL in terms of underlying approaches and concepts. This can create some powerful synergies in the form of uniform working practices in IT development and IT operations. It also helps improve process interfaces.

We support you in applying the principles of CMMI for Services in the following areas:

  • Service delivery based on standard services
  • Successful introduction and handover of services to operations
  • Systematically dealing with faults, risks and problems
  • Managing your capacities and availabilities
  • Drafting of service strategies

CMMI – with us you’re in safe hands.

To ensure everything is implemented professionally, we draw on the tried-and-tested methods and processes of CMMI for Development and CMMI for Services – and of course the expertise of our specialists. This enables us to achieve ultimate efficiency – whether it’s appraisals, training courses, or providing advice on your projects on site. You can bank on our experience.