Improvement Concepts
Functional Safety (ISO 26262)


ISO 26262 Functional Safety Standard

You are installing safety-related electronic systems in vehicles? - We are the experts where safety standards are concerned, and we can support you in interpreting and efficiently implementing the specific automotive safety standard ISO 26262.

Manufacturers and suppliers have to be able to prove to customers and licensing authorities that electronic systems will deliver the required functionality safely and reliably, despite increasing complexity. As an independent organization we can assess and ensure the functional safety of your products in all phases of the safety life cycle.

+++ The 2nd edition is available since December 2018. The ISO 26262:2018 includes parts 11 and 12 additionally. +++

Improvement Concepts
Fig.: ISO 26262 Safety Lifecycle

An enormous amount of expertise under one roof

We can deliver this combination of assessments and improvements from one hand. Our results and recommendations will thereby consider aspects of functional safety as well as e.g. CMMI® or Automotive SPICE® requirements. Coordinated well they will give you twice the benefit.

We can support you in the following applications around functional safety

  • Developing your processes further so that you are able to develop and market technically reliable, available, maintainable, and functionally safe products
  • Assessing whether a supplier has the capability to reliably contribute the appropriate components
  • Evaluating the functional safety of your products and components

Play it safe with us!

To achieve the functional safety of your products it is important to have an open and comprehensive look at the principles, techniques, and measures of product engineering. Exact safety targets can be specified using the safety integrity levels (SIL / ASIL) of ISO 26262. And these can be developed reliably and efficiently with mature processes structured according to the requirements of Automotive SPICE® or CMMI®.

We are your experts for functional safety, and we will be happy to advise you on all issues around the automotive standard ISO 26262: from conceptual design, development and production to the decommissioning of safety-related systems.

Are your software tools safe?

By the way: To learn more about developing confidence in the use of software tools (to confirm software tools are validated for use in keeping with ISO standard 26262), follow the link.