Improvement Concepts
Integrated Process Improvement


Methods and industry standards – holistic improvement and agility

Why do so many projects end up on the scrap heap, or encounter bottlenecks, or miss phase gates? If we see something going wrong with a process, we investigate the causes and examine changes in the overall situation. Our aim is to design your development processes according to agile principles – focusing throughout on value-adding processes and adhering carefully to industry standards such as functional safety and Automotive SPICE®.



Quicker, better, more economical. To be successful and stand its ground versus the competition, a company has to continually improve its quality, reduce costs, and accelerate processes. If a process is effective, it helps the company develop innovations quickly and position them in the market. In doing so, the point of focus is your corporate strategy. We carefully gear processes to delivering customer benefit. This makes it possible for every department in your organization to make a direct contribution to overall success. 

Fast and flexible: agile systems development

Despite the fact that requirements are becoming more complex, the nature of competition underscores how important it is for companies to quickly get their innovations on the market. The key to finding future-ready solutions also lies in a systematic ability to adapt to new circumstances. Agile development departments that are always learning typically revolve around systematic feedback loops and constructive dialogue between the people running the project, developers, and management. This is the only way to ensure that insights gained during the project are continuously channeled back into decision-making and that market trends are proactively identified. 

By using agile development techniques such as Automotive Scrum and Kanban, we arm your development departments to fight on all fronts. It is important to rethink working processes and focus clearly on adding value. In doing so, traditional process controls are left behind to make way for team-based control mechanisms.

Agile development methods and practices

  • Scrum in automotive markets
  • Kanban

Models and industry standards – integrated and all-in-one

The industry standards for developing methods that go hand-in-hand with specific systems are reference models such as CMMI® and Automotive SPICE®, but also safety standards like ISO 26262. We integrate these principles into your development processes, always keeping a vigilant eye on your strategy and the business goals derived from this strategy. This helps us ensure that your processes and procedures remain as lean as possible, with fine-tuned requirements from Automotive SPICE® in keeping with functional safety (ISO standard 26262). The result is an end-to-end solution, a holistic approach starting with the initial analysis and consulting and continuing through training, and integrated audits and assessments.

People – a critical success factor

Innovations cannot be developed without the right people. Methods and processes only smooth the course of work if they ensure that the head remains free to think creatively and focus without interruption on the task at hand. Drawing on a process framework, we gradually change your company to become a learning, agile organization that is always one step ahead of the competition. 

Simple and results-based processes

A good process is a process that makes your job easier for you. But unfortunately, bureaucracy and roles often drag creativity down and stifle innovation. We use an open-source solution called the Eclipse Process Framework (EPF) which allows us to systematically simplify your process landscape architecture – in harmony with guidelines used in quality assurance and compliance.