Eclipse Process Framework


Process modeling with Eclipse

Antiquated processes, handbooks over-brimming with checklists, instruction manuals – is your company suffering from analysis paralysis? Yet still not able to change because changing the process landscape would be too cumbersome, too expensive, too risky? Not with us at your side. Drawing on Eclipse Process Framework (EPF) principles, we put lean processes in place that adhere to all industry standards. This resolves process and improvement bottlenecks.

Eclipse is a highly appealing development environment that allows us to redesign the processes in your company to become more future-proof and lean. The initial stage involves an evaluation to see if processes really do help add value. We develop an agile process framework that can be adapted as required by your project managers to existing tasks and responsibilities – without neglecting standard industry prerequisites such as Automotive SPICE®, functional safety (ISO standard 26262) and CMMI®.

Flexible and lean processes – that’s Eclipse

Having established this foundation, we then get started planning the move from the proprietary solution to the EPF, which is an open source solution. We support you as you roll out the process across the board and manage the development handbook on which the EPF is based. This handbook revolves around the specific needs of not just management but also engineers. It also captures all definitions and adaptations made to processes. All users receive training and coaching to learn how to work with Eclipse.

Eclipse: a unique open source framework

Eclipse is an end-to-end, open source development environment based on open standards. Originally initiated by IBM, Eclipse is constantly updated by a large global community. Industrial working groups such as the automotive IWG play an important part in ensuring that Eclipse is always in line with the very latest industry requirements. This community safeguards the independence of proprietary suppliers. Because Eclipse also offers sector-specific solutions and allows for the inclusion of individual checklists or templates, it is a highly versatile and future-ready solution. Please contact us if you would like advice on Eclipse. 

Eclipse Foundation

Die Eclipse Foundation, eine Non-Profit-Organisation, hostet Eclipse-Projekte und unterstützt die Open Source-Community dabei, weitere Produkte und Dienstleistungen zu entwickeln. Die Eclipse Automotive Industrial Working Group sorgt für die Anpassung von Eclipse an Automotive-Anforderungen.