Agile development. What is the current state of practice in the Automotive industry?

Agile development of automotive electronics: The last State of Practice on the subject was five years ago. Time for a review – and a new edition of the Agile State of Practice. What has happened? Could agile approaches deliver what they promised?

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Five years after the hype. In the meantime, most car makers and suppliers have gained first-hand experience in the use of agile methods, and numerous initiatives have been launched. How have agile approaches changed the work in development units, in which engineering disciplines have agile approaches been able to establish themselves?

Agile approaches found their way into many areas, in software development, but also in hardware and mechanics. From individual pilots in courageous teams, there are now companies that are testing agile approaches up to the portfolio level. Agility in the supply chain is now an intensely debated topic on the agenda as well.

The users surveyed still perceive corporate culture (70%) as a major threshold: lack of management support (46%) or little willingness to try out new things (65%).

Surprising: The majority of even experienced agilists still do not believe that agile approaches can be combined with Automotive SPICE®, functional safety or even cybersecurity. To counter these prejudices, we have dedicated a detailed chapter to the integration of agile approaches with these regulations: Yes, you can.

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To read the report on the »Agile Automotive State of Practice 2021« industry barometer you can download the PDF here free of charge.

About State of Practice

The State of Practice industry barometer is a series of surveys on selected topics of automotive E/E R&D. For the surveys, we ask experts and practitioners from development projects about how they deal with current challenges and what potential they see in the topic. Depending on the subject, we choose the appropriate survey design and research methods, e.g., deep expert interviews or broad surveys. Currently, reports on Agile Automotive, Automotive Cybersecurity Engineering and Automotive Open Source are available. 

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