Connected safety

With connectivity, new functions become feasible. So the opportunities are increasing. However, the risks are increasing at the same time. That's why a consistent approach is needed, connected safety. TJ Fox, Verizon's Senior Vice President of IoT and Automotive, outlines how to manage the convergence of systems in this second episode of our podcast.

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The automotive industry is reinventing itself, and change is taking place at all levels: New ideas are enabling new players to enter the industry; as technologies converge, incumbents are transforming as well. 

What exactly is moving the industry right now? With our new podcast Kugler Maag Curious, you can hear the grass grow. 

Episode #2, TJ Fox, Senior Vice President of IoT and Automotive, Verizon

Connected safety with vehicles, cellular connectivity, and edge computing has been a fast-growing business over the past 25 years but has made huge strides this year with revolutionary advances like 5G. Verizon’s Senior Vice President of IoT and Automotive, TJ Fox, talks about testing with manufacturers and how he believes the new technologies will “change the world.” Curious? Then this episode is made for you.

Kugler Maag Curious is hosted by Steve Tengler, Prinicipal at Kugler Maag Cie and Senior Contributor to Steve helps to illuminate perspectives via interesting expert interviews from the industry. Stay tuned@Kugler Maag Curious.