Data Management SPICE

In the future, the automotive industry aims to generate significant revenue shares with digital, data-based services. A prerequisite for this is a consistent data management that allows to control the complexity and quality of the data streams. Data management SPICE builds a bridge to Automotive SPICE® in order to be able to set up and evaluate processes for data and software with the model framework.

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Manufacturers are expecting new revenues from the connected car: Digital services make a continuous cash flow possible. This should contribute significantly to revenue over the entire vehicle lifecycle. For cash flow to become the new cash cow, processes must be set up in a methodical and structured manner and risks must be minimized. 

This is where data management SPICE comes into play: This model builds a bridge to the classic Automotive SPICE® model. DMM SPICE makes it possible to evaluate data management within this model framework. 

DMM in piloting

Under the leadership of Kugler Maag Cie, the intacs™ assessor association has published a model pilot on data management SPICE® (yellow band/draft industry standard). Within this framework, we need your cooperation: 

  • What annotations do you have on the processes proposed?
  • Would you like to test the application of Data Management SPICE in one of your projects? 

Be part of implementing data management for digital business models in a methodical and structured way right from an early stage. 

As a bridge, data management SPICE is intended to close the requirements gap between development and operations, including the data used therein. Following a consistent approach reduces risks that arise from the increasing complexity of data, in particular 

  1. Data creation,
  2. Transition from unstructured to structured data,
  3. Data automation,
  4. Missing processes, and more.

For consistent data management, processes should also be verified against a consistent process framework. This is what data management SPICE stands for. 

Data management SPICE includes

  • Data management from requirement through lifecycle to required platforms
  • Strategic handling towards the intended data quality
  • The operation of data and its ongoing monitoring 

Data Management SPICE was authored by an intacs™ working group. This was led in tandem by experts from Kugler Maag Cie and Robert Bosch GmbH. After the successful pilot, data management SPICE will be made available to the automotive community as a separate PAM.