Embedded World II: Benefitting from the power of Scrum & Co in compliance with the specific ticket-to-trade standards in your industry

Scrum in compliance with the specific ticket-to-trade standards in your industry: Presented by Joachim Pfeffer, Process Expert at Kugler Maag Cie. Embedded World Conference, Nuremberg. February 26th - March, 1st 2013

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Middle sized enterprises are depending on having efficient solutions for technical innovations. In R&D, agile methods like Scrum & Co. are used to emphasis the voice of the customer and to minimise the time-to-market. These practises can be well combined with standards like functional safety, Automotive SPICE and CMMI.

  • Benefits by using agile methods to fulfil functional safety’s requirements through transparent project monitoring, quick response times, prioritisation in the issue management and consistent
    customer feedback cycles.
  • Successful deployment of agile methods considering functional safety and / or maturity model based requirements such as CMMI or Automotive SPICE
  • The cultural fit or: What are the specific regards of an agile mindset towards a traditional corporate culture?
  • Facilitating the typical innovation culture of a middle size enterprise.