Agile SPICE™ constitutes a bridge in order to use Agile practices in system development – whenever SPICE is applied.

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On Friday, April 15th 2021, Kugler Maag Cie and KnüvenerMackert will jointly offer a virtual Gate4SPICE.

The theme of this event is

    Introduction into the new Agile SPICE™ process assessment model

    In this Gate4SPICE we intend to

    Agile SPICE™ aims to eliminate misunderstandings between agile and classical worlds by bridging them instead. The practices provide support for implementing agile good practices and achieving process capability at the same time.

    The Agile SPICE™ working group has developed and published three processes for piloting.

    1. Agile Work Management (AGL.1)
    2. Agile Quality Assurance (AGL.2)
    3. Partner Collaboration Management (AGL.3)

    In this Gate4SPICE you will get an in-depth insight into how these processes can be used and interpreted.


    • Christian Hertneck 
      Introducing Agile SPICE™ WG and presentation of achieved results.
    • Christian Knüvener
      Agile Concepts, Going deeper in Agile SPICE™, Outlook: next steps of Agile SPICE WG™

    Join this Gate4SPICE

    • online / virtual
    • Date: Friday, April 15th, 2021
    • 9 am - 16 pm
    Agile SPICE™. The PAM for download

    Agile SPICE™ is now being piloted. Download the current version free of charge. 

    Christian Hertneck, co-lead of the working group, welcomes your feedback and supports the pilot deployment of the model.


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