Join the GL Automotive Conference 2018

This conference is on trends that shape the Automotive market. Connectivity allows the car manufacturers and their suppliers to offer software based services to their customers.

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GlobalLogic is one of the key players in Software R&D and IT services around the globe. Its Polish branch builds strong presence in the automotive software development services. Their second conference organized in Szczecin, with leading sentence Software defined-car, emphasizes trends that shape the automotive market, making car manufacturers and their suppliers offer software-based services to customers.

Kugler Maag Cie supports this event: associate consultant Remigiusz Machlanski will be speaking about the automotive industry paradigm shift, depicted in management study on Software Drives. Digital Capabilities for Automotive Innovators 2030.

Digital transformation, from embedded devices to digital services, requires connected software as core technology to become new reality. And this is just a beginning of What drives us: Automotive 2030 paradigm shift story.


GL Automotive 2018

Join us at IT in automotive: software-defined car conference organized by GlobalLogic in Poland, Szczecin to learn more about trends, technologies and their development in Agile environments.

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