Just released: Pocket Guide Agile & Automotive SPICE

The new pocket guide gives a clear overview, how and to what extent agile approaches support the requirements of Automotive SPICE v3.0. The pocket guide further shows possible solutions and designs for the implementation.

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Agile approaches are the perfect answer for a dynamical market environment.


They address for example

  • short development cycles due to continuous integration and quick feedback.
  • transparency and proper responsibilities.
  • interdisciplinary problem solution by cross-functional teams.
  • continuous learning.

The outcomes are crucical

As a reference model, Automotive SPICE® addresses the process outcomes instead of defining a set of required methods and practices. The new pocket guide takes advantage of this outcome view. 

That's why the pocket guide Agile in Automotive. Automotive SPICE & Agile 

  1. identifys relevant agile methods and practices and 
  2. examines to what extent these approaches fullfil the requirements of Automotive SPICE®.

For each core process within the so-called HIS scope the pocket guide

  • evaluates to what extend agility covers the outcomes.
  • observes which agile methods and practices are particularly suited. 
  • recommends which tasks remain because they are not covered by agile approaches.
  • demonstrates how the implementation of an agile electronic development might work.

A case study shows of agility in practice: A leading automotive electronics supplier designs and aligns its product development processes using agile principles consequently – in conformity with Automotive SPICE® level 3.

This is not an exception anymore. Agile approaches are already applied successfully within automotive electronics. For details see the chapter with key learnings of the study Agile in Automotive. State of Practice where practitioners report their project experiences with agile approaches.

Finally the pocket guide explains agile approaches, which were proven to be effective within automotive electronics. Including Scrum, Kanban, eXtreme Programming (xP), Continuous Integration (CI) and Test Driven Development (TDD).

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