Kugler Maag Cie gets off to a flying start with its new subsidiary in Shanghai

Kugler Maag Cie is bolstering its market presence in China by setting up its own company in Shanghai. In an interview, Director Operations Kailai Sun explains the benefits offered by the new subsidiary.

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If there are automotive electronics companies in a region, Kugler Maag Cie is also certain to be on the doorstep. China and the Asia-Pacific countries are now an established region for electrical/electronics development centres.

And this explains why Kugler Maag Cie is strengthening its foothold in the Chinese market by setting up its own company in Shanghai. To represent the company in this metropolis, Kugler Maag Cie has succeeded in bringing Kailai Sun on board. As the new director for operations, he knows and understands the expectations of producers and suppliers in the Chinese market from first-hand experience.

“Autonomous vehicles, networked vehicles, electrical vehicles – the up-and-coming vehicle industry in China is driving these technologies forward intensively. To succeed in this field of technology, you need a strong backbone formed by highly disciplined development processes. This is where Kugler Maag Cie comes in, with its many years of experience,” says Kailai Sun, Operations Director at KUGLER MAAG CIE Management Consulting (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.


The new subsidiary in Shanghai is now the third company in the Kugler Maag Cie group of companies, after the founding company in Kornwestheim (outside Stuttgart) and KUGLER MAAG CIE North America Inc. in north Detroit. “Our name for the winning formula at Kugler Maag is customer intimacy. So this also involves proximity to the customer. We now have a trio, putting us in the hotspots of automotive development worldwide,” highlights Bonifaz Maag, CEO and co-founder of Kugler Maag Cie.

Setting up the new company and establishing a permanent presence in Shanghai allows Kugler Maag Cie to reinforce its interdisciplinary partnership with Beijing Bright Homing, experts in systems engineering. “The skills offered by the combination of Beijing Bright Homing and Kugler Maag Cie in China span the entire product development process of automotive electronics. This unique expertise is now available to OEMs and automotive suppliers in Asia,” states Steffen Herrmann, a partner at Kugler Maag Cie.


Partners in the competence network

KUGLER MAAG CIE Management Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is based in the Jiading district of Shanghai. The local contact person is Kailai Sun, director of operations. Kugler Maag now offers an impressive portfolio of vertically integrated consulting services in China: management consulting for electrical/electronics decision-makers and successful implementation, right up to serial production. To deliver these services, Kugler Maag banks on established methods such as Automotive SPICE, functional safety and industry requirements like automotive security and agile principles. 

Beijing Bright Homing Technology Co., Ltd. has been a successful market player for more than ten years. A pioneer in systems engineering, it offers a platform for automotive industry development processes with an emphasis on requirements engineering, architectural design, testing, testing management, configuration management and project management. Beijing Bright Homing has also earned a name for itself in software product line development and quality assurance based on industry standard ISO/TS 16949.