Kugler Maag Cie: Top Consultant 2017

The demand for business consulting has strongly increased due to digitalization. Since 2010, the Top Consultant Award has nominated the best business consultants in Germany. The management consultant Kugler Maag Cie placed as a winner of this year’s competition and from now on, may call itself Top Consultant. Former president of Germany, Christian Wulff congratulated Kugler Maag Cie on this success.

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During the scientifically grounded customer survey, varying consultant firms are compared. The expertise of the team around CEO Bonifaz Maag was put to the test accordingly. “Kugler Maag Cie strives to provide holistic and complete service to its customers. We are specialized to master the challenges of digitalization. Digital competence of management is the ability to recognize and seize arising business opportunities. Thus, digitalization is changing business models as much as the tasks of product development. The award is a welcomed confirmation of the successful approach of our management consultants,” comments expert of digitalization, Maag, on the honorable distinction.

Equipped for the digital transformation and the Internet of Things

As management consultant, Kugler Maag Cie prepares R&D-focused businesses for the digital transformation and the Internet of Things. Through the approach of vertical integration, the digitization experts are aligning all sectors with digital strategy—from analysis and consulting of operative implementations to training and coaching. Through their know-how in product and electronic development, the management and organizational consultants of Kugler Maag Cie make sure that businesses and especially their research and development divisions are ready for the demands of digitalization and the Internet of Things.

A seal grounded in science and its impact on the business-consulting market

Prof. Dr. Dietmar Fink and Bianka Knoblach are guiding the scientific administration of Top Consultant. Their judgment decides who may carry the seal, a mark of quality. Together, they are leading the “Scientific Community for Management and Consulting” (WGMB) in Bonn, Germany. Via compamedia’s assignment, the WGMB interviews customer references and evaluates these results, along with other data of medium-sized businesses. The seal is only awarded, if a business consulting firm scores a “good” or “very good” result. This year, 96 firms in total have received the sought-after distinction. Prof. Dr. Dietmar Fink points to the transparency that the seal establishes: “The business consulting market is saturated and breeds consultants with dubious qualifications time and again. Top Consultant distinguishes professionals, who have provided customers with demonstrably excellent service. The seal therefore serves as a significant orientation-aid in a market that is difficult to assess.”