Let the car be your advisor.

On the way home, the battery is running low. Stop to recharge? Your car knows your options and gives you tips. Crazy? No, this is just one of many application ideas from BlackBerry's IVY ecosystem. Learn more in the new podcast Kugler Maag Curious.

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The automotive industry is reinventing itself, and change is taking place at all levels: New ideas are enabling new players to enter the industry; as technologies converge, incumbents are transforming as well. 

What exactly is moving the industry right now? With our new podcast Kugler Maag Curious, you can hear the grass grow. 

Episode #1, Peter Virk, Vice President IVY Ecosystem at BlackBerry

"The software-defined car will be an IoT device on wheels", states Peter Virk, Vice President IVY Ecosystem at BlackBerry. For this, BlackBerry is strongly committed to edge AI: "We're relying on the vehicle edge because that is the fastet way when you can process information locally." Time-critical information takes place at the vehicle edge, which facilitates privacy. Cloud computing is expeted to deliver such additional information, for instance, the opening hours of a charging station. Curious? Then this episode is made for you.

Kugler Maag Curious is hosted by Steve Tengler, Prinicipal at Kugler Maag Cie and Senior Contributor to Forbes.com. Steve helps to illuminate perspectives via interesting expert interviews from the industry. Stay tuned@Kugler Maag Curious.