Robert Bosch India achieves ASPICE maturity level 3

First major engineering solutions organization to be certified

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Bangalore  Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Ltd. (RBEI) in Bangalore, India, has become the first major engineering solutions organization to achieve ASPICE Organisational Maturity Level 3 for its automotive business.

To achieve this, the automotive software business of RBEI with over 5,000 employees underwent one of the largest organizational maturity assessments that have been carried out. The assessment was conducted by independent inspector Kugler Maag Cie, appointed by intacs™ under its Trustworthy Assessment Scheme.  In particular, the process culture in the automotive software business of RBEI impressed the external assessors. Mr Bhaskar Vanamali, the lead assessor for the appraisal said, "Success in organisational improvement requires a strong commitment within the organisational culture. As the lead assessor I have been impressed by the commitment of the management  and as a consequence of all RBEI's people investing effort and ideas to improve their processes continuously."

Vijay Ratnaparkhe, Managing Director, RBEI said, “This is a significant achievement for any engineering organization working in the automotive domain. It demonstrates once again our commitment to continuous process improvement and quality. This would not have been possible without the commitment and dedication of our engineers.”

The systematic use of analytical methods to identify and mitigate process risks is particularly noteworthy. RBEI evaluates the input and output of software components and their dependencies to ensure high quality work products. Furthermore, powerful tools are used for estimation (size, effort, schedule) and quality assurance. RBEI has exemplary competence management throughout the entire organization, ensuring that competence is not confined to individuals.

Organizational maturity assessment based on intacs™ scheme: The automotive software business of RBEI was assessed in November/ December 2013 on the basis of Automotive SPICE® v2.5 and ISO 15504 –both 5 and 7 by experts from Kugler Maag Cie. The assessment included all domestic locations of RBEI. The assessors defined criteria to select representative projects from a total of 199 current projects. The catalogue included criteria such as project type, team sizes or ASIL level for safety-critical systems. 15 representative projects were evaluated to determine the organizational maturity. Teams led by three principal assessors examined the projects and conducted a total of 39 interviews.

RBEI consciously focuses on mature processes as a source of competitive advantage and strives to deliver excellent quality work  products to its customers. In another milestone achievement, the entire software business of RBEI was assessed at organizational maturity level 5 as per CMMI Dev ver 1.3 in 2011.