SQIL: Kugler Maag Cie supports VW suppliers with Software Quality

Kugler Maag Cie supports Automotive suppliers of VW in complying with high quality standards: As a Software Quality Improvement Leader (SQIL) we are helping to improve the software expertise in the supply chain.

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In order to make the software expertise in the supplier network sustainable, the VW AG has created a new role: the Volkswagen certified Software Quality Improvement Leader, acronym: SQIL. VW has invited Kugler Maag Cie to contribute to the improvement of work processes of suppliers as a SQIL. Currently six Kugler Maag Cie specialists have already undergone intensive training to become SQILs and successfully passed the related examination. These independent consultants have now participated in the first projects under the new SQIL scheme. The specialists of Kugler Maag Cie have many years of experience in vehicle development and the integration of industry standards such as Automotive SPICE® and Functional Safety (ISO 26262).

Software quality is as important in the vehicle development for customer satisfaction as it is for safety aspects. Kugler Maag Cie has worked closely with VW since the company's founding and is often recommended by the Wolfsburg car manufacturer for consultancy.