Thoughts on BizDevOps for digital services

Product manufacturers believe the way forward is to use digital services. But will that be enough to succeed with the internet of things (IoT)? In an article written for the Bosch IoT blog, we examine the demands placed on organisational structures and the processes that are driven by digital services.

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The internet of things pulls together and connects offerings from different sectors of industry. This is not just a challenge in technical terms, it virtually shatters the logic behind established company structures, which are typically based on the principle of clear demarcations.

As a result, digital services must be designed and developed to work on a multifunctional level. BizDevOps offers an efficient option for integrating different requirements into a uniform user experience (UX).

Bosch Connected World, the IoT blog of Bosch

To read the article on BizDevOps for Digital Services for free please go to the Bosch IoT blog.

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This concept was derived from an analysis of expert articles submitted for the Software Drives 2030 management study. In a guest article for the Bosch IoT blog, we present this BizDevOps concept to a wider audience.