TISAX® label granted to Kugler Maag Cie

As a engineering consultancy for the systematic development of automotive electronics, a consistent risk management system is part of Kugler Maag Cie's commitment. In order to formally document this practice, Kugler Maag Cie has now been successfully audited in accordance with the TISAX guidelines.

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For the TISAX® label, VDA (German Automotive Industry Association) members have defined information security requirements that have been incorporated into the industry standard VDA-ISA. TISAX® stands for Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange, which manufacturers, suppliers and service providers in the supply chain are supposed to join. TISAX® was originally derived from an international standard on information security.

Kugler Maag Cie already had itself certified to the ISO 27001 standard at the beginning of 2020. This meant that preparation for the TISAX® audit could be based on Kugler Maag Cie's established risk management system: "With TISAX®, we have to prove for each requirement which control measures we use to fulfill it," explains Dr. Thomas Liedtke, cybersecurity expert and data protection officer at Kugler Maag Cie. "We succeeded well in this because we are already excellently positioned thanks to our ISO certification."


We gauge our work and performance every day based on the same strict standards, which are not only derived from our quality management system but also go back to our code of conduct. If you have any questions about our quality management system, feel free to contact me directly.

Rocio Rojas Quality Management

In an intensive audit, TÜV Nord confirmed that Kugler Maag Cie assigns a high priority to the protection of sensitive and confidential data, also in its exchanges with customers and suppliers. Kugler Maag Cie has achieved Level 3 of the maturity levels according to the TISAX® model. This certificate is stored in a database and can be consulted by potential business partners as part of their service provider evaluation.