Internal threats and social engineering

The methods and tricks used by professional hackers

Information technology is used in so many different areas and we have become so dependent on computers that we’ve unwittingly opened the door to new kinds of criminals and new kinds of aggressive intrusions. The threats faced by companies are no longer just sophisticated technical attacks from outside. Professional intruders now use attack vectors to cunningly manipulate company workers. The idea is to trick people working at a company into doing something wrong and accidentally allowing hackers to bluff their way into the business.

This module lasts one day, providing you with a fast-track understanding of the fundamentals of automotive security from the perspective of the development department: what do you need to keep in mind as the person in charge in order to deliver safe systems? To do this, you will gain a fundamental understanding of the attack scenarios that pose a threat to automotive electronics. You will learn to use systematic risk assessment to understand the environment of your systems and recognise potential threats in advance.

Understanding the first steps provides you with an entry point for integrating automotive security into your project.

Also interested in the technological requirements that affect how you protect your systems? If you are, we also recommend Module 2 of this fundamental training. 

To protect themselves from sophisticated attacks, companies need to be aware of the changing nature of threats and adapt their protective mechanisms according

Aim and content

The aim of the course is to provide participants with an overview of threats, how intruders operate and the tools and tricks they use. People on the course will be provided with the information they need to make effective and efficient decisions regarding protective measures. To demonstrate how attacks work in practice, the course focuses on social engineering attack vectors, also sharing measures that can be introduced to protect firms from such scenari

  • The training begins with details of current intrusion statistics.
  • Course participants will be introduced to different groups of attackers likely to present a threat to the security of companies and organisations. This allows you to gain a fundamental understanding of the principal people of threat and what motivates them.
  • The problems and limitations of investigations by the authorities will be examined, as well as criminal prosecution.
  • Participants will be shown the key goals of securing data protection and will be introduced to protection goals from the standpoint of intruders.
  • Participants will learn the distinctions between external and internal perpetrators. You will look at different ways to deal with internal perpetrators (ERROR & FRAUD) and gain an overview of the methods used by professional attackers, the so called social engineering.
  • Course participants will be shown the nature of social engineering and how it works. Actual examples of social engineering in practice will be used, including a discussion of protective measures.
  • Tools and tricks will be introduced, looking at how they are used in connection with social engineering measures.

Target group of the Security crash course

Managers, decisions-makers and security officers

  • who need comprehensive insights into threatening scenarios and defence strategies for dealing with internal threats
  • who will be responsible for a company’s security measures

Training format

  • Duration: 1 day
  • 9 a.m. – approx. 5 p.m.
  • The course is limited to 12 participants

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Title: Internal Threat and Social Engineering
Term: 20.03.-20.03.2020
Location: Greater Stuttgart
Language: DE
Price: 700 EUR p.P.*

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