Schulung Scrum CMMI
Agile & CMMI

Agile Software Development & CMMI®

Process maturity and agility: combine CMMI® with Scrum and other agile methods

CMMI® can be used to combine agile methods with process maturity – in fact, agile methods like Scrum and Kanban fit in well with the aims of CMMI®. In this in-house course, we show you how to productively reconcile the needs for flexibility and discipline in software development.

Agility makes it possible to react quickly to market developments or changing customer needs. In contrast to this, CMMI® helps you establish unshakable systems, without which it would be difficult to manage major projects. This in-house course shows you how the two approaches can work together to foster efficiency and effectiveness in software development.

Participants on this course will discover the defining features of agile methods such as Scrum or extreme programming. They will be shown the relationship to CMMI® process areas such as requirements development and management, project planning, project tracking, and project management. Drawing on examples from business practice, exercises, and case studies, you will gain a detailed understanding of the ways in which agile methods can be used to directly support the introduction of CMMI®.

Course contents

  • The agile manifesto from a CMMI® perspective
  • Using CMMI-DEV as a best practice model in software development
  • Key agile methods and their relationship to CMMI®: incremental software development, adaptive project management, product backlogs, working with user stories
  • Multilevel project planning
  • Project management and monitoring with burndown metrics, and daily stand-up meetings
  • Self-organized teams   
  • Agile change management
  • Standardizing agile processes
  • CMMI® appraisals in practice: How to gather evidence in an agile environment

This in-house course is run by two experienced experts. Both have a strong background in agile methods and CMMI®. A basic understanding of project managements as well as system and software engineering would be useful for this course although it is not a prerequisite.

Information on the Agile Software Development & CMMI® course

  • Duration: 2 days
  • 9 a.m. to 5 p.m on both days
  • Maximum number of participants: 12 
  • Language: English