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Free of charge: Overview CMMI® v2.0 - the new model

Long in coming – finally ready: the new generation of CMMI has been released in 2018. We want to openly discuss and present the changes in the model as well as report our first experiences in applying the model in service and development organizations.

This one day overview event motivates the new approach and changes within CMMI v2.0 and their implications with respect to process improvement and assessment. In short, CMMI V2.0 is easier to read, more flexible in its application, offers more details on incremental development, and focuses more explicitly on the benefits and value of improvement. Updates to the benchmark method (aka SCAMPI) are shown. Participants will take away the major changes in model and appraisal meth

Workshop agenda CMMI v2.0

  • News related to the structure of the model (views, categories, capability areas)
  • Changes and details for selected practice areas (previously process areas)
  • Outlook for CMMI in combination with agile practices
  • Habit and persistence (instead of generic practices)
  • Rating maturity and capability levels
  • Changes in the appraisal method (benchmark instead of SCAMPI)
  • Discussions about potential impacts on implementation and doing


  • One day
  • 10 am to 4 pm
  • Registration starting 9.15
  • Opportunities for networking
  • Free of charge 


  • Leibnizsstraße 11
  • 70806 Kornwestheim

Note  This overview is not an official upgrade training!

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