Kurs Service Supplement CMMI DEV
Service Supplement


Service add-ons to CMMI® for Development

The Services Supplement for the CMMI® course offers an introduction to the fundamentals of CMMI® to service providers and members of appraisal teams, with  focus on service provision. In this course you will learn the description of the CMMI® for Services model, explore the key process areas, and pinpoint relevant information in the CMMI-SVC model.

Services Supplement for CMMI-DEV: course content

  • Content and key process areas of the CMMI-SVC model
  • Professionally interpreting and implementing CMMI-SVC
  • Key process areas specific to CMMI-SVC and specific practices with a bearing on services

Services Supplement for CMMI-DEV: course information

  • 1-day Services Supplement for CMMI® (add-on to CMMI-DEV)
  • The number of participants is limited to approx. 12 
  • The course is aimed at service providers and people who implement processes, as well as appraisal team members, candidates to become CMMI® for Services Instructors and Lead Appraisers, but also others
  • Condition of participation: Introduction to CMMI® for Development
CMMI Dienstleistungen

Trainings-Add-on CMMI-SVC

Your CMMI® for Services training add on

In addtional to the comprehensive instructional material you'll also get the smart CMMI® for Services pocket guide.

Knowledge – straight from the experts

Our course instructors are recognized experts in their field. Our know-how speaks for itself: The course directors at Kugler Maag Cie have already trained many trainers themselves, who now also offer their own courses – but if you come to us, you turn directly to the original source of the knowledge.

Our training approach has been ingeniously pulled together to cover 

  • method skills, developed over years by our instructors, who also write books on these topics
  • a treasure trove of expertise, gained through our involvement in industry bodies
  • the very latest insights from our work as consultants

Our experience with international projects in a variety of industry sectors enables our instructors to directly answer any questions you may have. 

Learning in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere

We look forward to welcoming you to one of our courses. To make sure you can focus on the content of the course, we ensure that your stay is as pleasant as possible. All food and drinks are included, from snacks during breaks to lunch. 

On courses lasting several days, we would also like to invite you out for the evening. This is a good chance to compare notes with other course participants and forge friendships. 


CMMI Institute training partner

Our CMMI® training courses are official training courses, licensed by CMMI Institute. They cover both CMMI for Development and Services. CMMI Institute continues SEI Institute's efforts at Carnegie Mellon University to develop CMMI® in the future.