Schulung Sicherheitsanalysen ISO 26262


FMEA and SW FMEA under ISO 26262

On this course you will learn the areas of development in which automotive system safety analyses have to be carried out and how to deal with such evaluations in practice. You will learn about standard methods such as RBDs, FTA, FMEA, FMECA, SW FMEA, and FMEDA. You will have the opportunity to practice these methods based on realistic examples, providing you with valuable tips for everyday use. 

Safety Analyses in Practice: course objectives

  • Understanding the aims and purpose of safety analyses
  • Understanding which analyses are needed, at which stage, and in which areas of development 
  • Understanding how different methods overlap
  • Examples for each common method
  • How to use the methods

Training course content

  • The use of safety analyses
  • Automotive requirements relating to safety analyses
  • Inductive (e.g., FMEA) and deductive (e.g., FTA) analyses of software and hardware design that depend on ASIL
  • Safety analyses relating to software architecture (SW FMEA)
  • Qualitative analysis techniques to identify different types of errors
  • Quantitative analysis techniques for safeguarding architecture (architecture metrics: SPFM, LFM) and estimating failure rates (PMHF)
  • Analysis of dependent failures
  • Proving dependencies by using redundancies in safety concepts and by using ASIL decompositions
  • Application examples

Target audience for safety analyses training

Engineers involved in the design of safety-related electronic systems used in automobiles according to ISO 26262, e.g., safety, systems, hardware, and software engineers.

Participation requirements

  • Participation in the introductory course on functional safety or general understanding of ISO 26262
  • Fundamental understanding of hardware and software architecture
  • Good understanding of technical English (course materials in English)


Training details 



  • 2 days
  • Approx. 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.





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Title: Safety Analysis in practice
Term: 11.03.-12.03.2020
Location: Greater Seoul, South Korea
Language: EN
Price: 1.300 EUR p.P.*

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