Workshop Software und Systemarchitektur


Developing successful embedded systems

This one-day, in-house course on Architectures for Embedded Systems provides an introduction to structure-based software development processes. You will learn why the right architecture plays a decisive role in the success of embedded systems development. You will also discover how the special requirements of embedded systems – relating to safety, availability, runtime behavior, performance, and increasingly even networking – are pivotal to the right architecture.

Architectures for embedded systems: course content

  • Insights into architecture-based software development processes
  • The nature of software and systems architecture, samples and principles
  • Quality requirements as a key driver of architectures
  • An approach for creating architectures
  • The use, benefit, and limitations of tools when working with architectures
  • Assessment of architectures
  • Autosar – an example of an automotive industry standard

The course is aimed at experienced developers who are looking for a new challenge as well as computer scientists and engineers.

These individual Architecture for Embedded Systems courses are only available as in-house seminars. We will tailor the content of courses to your individual needs.