Change Engine


Individual workshop on change and process management

The Change Engine course is a one-day, in-house workshop that introduces you to a new process management system. True to the principle of “based on practice, designed for practice,” you will learn how this business-oriented and agile technique can be used to manage process changes.

In the Change Engine workshop, you will discover why change management is now so important and why change often only drags along in companies. To do this, you will learn the most important components of functional change and process management systems. We will look closely at the process management system called Change Engine. After the Change Engine workshop you will be in a position to implement the new method successfully in your company, enabling you to gear yourself optimally toward changes in the business environment. 

Change Engine course content - Change and process management

  • Previous experiences with the introduction and running of process management system
  • Focusing change and process management on business processes, as the key to success
  • Introduction to Change Engine, an agile process management system consisting of processes, role descriptions, templates, examples, and guidelines
  • Knowing how to introduce change and process management successfully or how to improve it
  • Long-term implementation and innovation

Individual Change Engine workshops can only be booked as an in-house course. We will tailor the content of the course to your requirements.