Dialog einmal anders - Workshop Kommunikation


Individual workshops – introduction and intensive course

Dialogue and communication – mastering the art always makes a better impression. Both of our seminars on Alternative Ways to Communicate provide you with detailed information on improving your ability to communicate in the long term, without pressure or over-challenging yourself. Using dialogue exercises and special methods, you gradually lay the foundations for a communication style that wins people over. 

  • In the introductory course (4 to 6 hours), you learn the differences between dialogue and other forms of communication. You will discover the conditions that need to be fulfilled for dialogue as a form of communication. Aside from the theoretical introduction, you will get to use a selection of different dialogue models relating to current topics. Experience the effects this form of communication has and learn to reflect more precisely.
  • The 3-day intensive course goes one step further. In addition to the content of the introductory course, you will discover and experience how structures, perceptions, assumptions, attitudes, and personal perspectives can influence dialogue. You will discover how open communication aims can set previously undiscovered creative processes in motion during dialogue. You will also build on your own impressions, ideas, and experience and document them.

Individual Dialogue – Alternative ways to Communicate workshops can only be booked as an in-house course. We will tailor the content of the course to your requirements.